7/12/08 Headlines: Peak of the season; Hamline Midway Council; Surreal gallery in Northeast Minneapolis; Library budget axed



Minnesota farmers markets hit peak
by Michael Arnst, Minnesota 2020
With the planting season now behind us, we can begin to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of our farmers’ and growers’ labor. Farmers markets are hitting their midsummer stride with strawberries just past peak and the first tomatoes just weeks away.

Looking to the future with an eye on the past – Hamline Midway Coalition – District 11 Planning Council
by Mary Thoemke, TC Daily Planet
Located midway between the downtowns of Saint Paul and Minneapolis and just north of University Avenue, Hamline Midway is home to nearly 12,000 residents, and to the 154-year-old Hamline University.

Art note: Northeast Minneapolis home becomes surreal gallery for a night
by Mason Riddle, TC Daily Planet
What made me think that things at 2531 Quincy were a little out of the ordinary? Maybe it was the faux picket fence and the purple velvet ropes on stanchions defining the dark sidewalk approach. Or maybe it was the light projection of a London theater marquee announcing a 1978 David Bowie concert—audio intact—that flickered eerily across the structure’s façade, throwing fence and rope into high contrast. Or maybe it was the slot belching a torrent of mail that buried much of the porch.

Library budget ax falls on INFORM
by Chris Steller, Minnesota Independent
Proposed budget cuts at the Hennepin County Library could spell the end of INFORM, a 38-year-old, fee-based professional research service that brings in $250,000 a year. In an e-mail to clients today, Manager Ted Hathaway called INFORM an “easy target in this budget-cutting process” because its fees ($50–70 per hour) don’t cover all its costs, which include paying three professional and two paraprofessional researchers.


Corcoran residents champion improvements at light rail station
by staff, Corcoran Neighborhood News
Watch for improvements at the Lake Street/Midtown light rail station in the Corcoran neighborhood starting in July. A volunteer mural project in coordination with Metro Transit and Xcel Energy is planned for Saturday, July 12th to transform the gray and green mechanical boxes on the south side of the station. The mural, designed by Corcoran artist and teacher Melanie Casiday, employs a theme representing the Corcoran neighborhood and its Midtown Farmers’ Market. Paint is provided by Valspar.

Local teachers keep busy during the summer
by Josiah Jackson, TC Daily Planet
With school out for the summer, many teachers can take a momentary break, but most teachers keep plenty busy over the summer months. Some teach summer school, some take professional development classes, and some pursue other employment.

From “survival mode” to an award-winning school
by Gail Olson, Northeaster
Although she’s retiring on a high note the end of this month, eight years ago Katherine Page’s new job as Highland School principal didn’t look too promising.


Tanked on beer, Minneapolis crowd gawks at pandas and priests
by Mark Weaver, TC Daily Planet
As promised, the 10 Second Film Fest took place immediately following the St. Anthony Main fireworks display. When I arrived, it felt like a party. Tiki torches blazed, people milled about and lined up at the beer wagon, and the projector blazed an ad for the Hotel Minneapolis up on the side of the Soap Factory. Attendees tripped through the uneven rubble and weeds to find seats on the ground in the dark.

Equal Footing back in action after hospital detour
by Paul and Nicole, 6/29/08 • Sorry for the long hiatus, but we’ve been living in quasi-subterranean locales for the past week, almost entirely deprived of sunlight and internet. We did have one great day in the sun in Sucre, visiting an impressive museum of indigenous textiles and basking in the higher temperature and lower altitude offered by Sucre, but then I got so sick I had to be hospitalized. It was educational.

Name Game
by Daniel Cubias, 6/12/08 • When I was 24, about a decade ago, I finally changed my name.

Street fashion: Pride
by Ellen Dahl, The Minneapoline
A study in blue and tattoo.