7/11/08 Headlines: The critters are coming; Twin Cities, twin protests; Realty bites; DIY weekend



Global Worming: The critters are coming
by Scott Russell, TC Daily Planet
(Gunflint Trail, Minn.) Lee Frelich stood at the foot of a 300-year-old cedar tree on the shore of Sea Gull Lake and gave the good news, bad news analysis about global warming.

Twin Cities, twin protests
by Julia Opoti, TC Daily Planet
Two anti-war protests took place in Minneapolis and St. Paul at mid-day on Wednesday, July 9. Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) and a coalition of groups rallied on the Capitol steps in St. Paul and the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War demonstrated at the Federal Building in Minneapolis.

Realty bites: eight houses for every buyer, great spin from many realtors
by Molly Priesmeyer, Minnesota Independent
Is eight really enough? How about way too much? If you’re a spin-happy Minneapolis realtor, it’s not so bad. In fact, we could just be ready to begin a great journey together. According to the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors (MAAR), the Twin Cities now has 8.11 homes for sale for every buyer. That’s a 10.4-month supply of housing. Prices have declined on average 15 percent this year. And nationally, pending homes sales fell 4.7 percent in May, despite the number of inexpensive lender-owned homes (foreclosures and short sales) and economist expectations that home sales would rise slightly in the spring.

LCCMR members briefed on conservation plan
by staff, Session Weekly
Members of the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources were briefed on a sweeping new plan to protect and restore the state’s environment and natural habitat.


July 13: Doing good by having fun with LIVE UNITED
by Marion Gómez, TC Daily Planet
On July 13, Greater Twin Cities United Way (GTUW) is hosting a LIVE UNITED event from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the Minneapolis Convention Center Plaza. The event is free and features live music by The Last Goodnight, Tim Mahoney, and Brent “BDF” Foster as well as family-friendly activities and free food—and a chance to help MN foodshelves.

Music note: The Danger Board woo Uptown audience with miniature weenies and good tunes
by Cyn Collins, TC Daily Planet
Singer Ephraim Eusebio pogo-hopped, climbed the mike stand, flailed on the floor, banged on a drum, and arched his back as he howled and screamed. Martin Martinson danced, sang and growled while playing a mean bass. Gwen G. Gwensdottir(son) danced and spun, changing roles from vaudevilliain show-girl to go-go girl to cheerleader, sashaying through the audience with toys, and serving tiny weenies in Dixie cups from the onstage grill.

A Murder is Announced is announced
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
A Murder is Announced is one of Agatha Christie’s most popular tales. In the hands of arguably the Twin Cities’ best community theater company—well, it’s just too bad that you’re not allowed to bring popcorn and soda to your seat.

Food and Restaurants

Duck soup on Eat Street: No funny business at Pho 79
by David Wilson, TC Daily Planet
Who would have thunk it? An American icon is hiding out in a Vietnamese noodle house in Minneapolis.

United Noodle Deli to expand
by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake
One of my favorite little lunch spots is the Chinese deli hidden away inside United Noodles, the oriental market hidden away inside the Seward neighborhood in south Minneapolis.

Otho: grafting onto Asian roots
by Carla Waldemar, Southside Pride
I haven’t figured out what a “street lounge” is, but I’m certain of this much: This one is a great new place to hang.


Should have went Samurai on them—or at least Ninja
The sole time I have ever been to a country club (it was for a work function), an elderly man tapped me on the shoulder. He personified old white privilege, and he positively beamed as he said, “You know, young man, the club is now accepting more Asians.”

G8 leaders gnosh on 18-course meal while discussing food crisis
by Paul Schmelzer, 7/10/08 • The menu a few days ago when G8 leaders met to discuss the global food crisis? “An 18-course gastronomic extravaganza.”

Weekend what’s what: DIY or die!
by l’etoile magazine staff
Ok, we really don’t want you to die! That was our attempt at being punk rock. Did it work? No? We didn’t think so, but either way this weekend’s lineup is as DIY as they come, there’s no doubt about that.

We coulda been a contender
by Rebecca Collins, MNDialog
A casting call was recently held in St. Paul for Hmong actors to star in the Clint Eastwood film Gran Tourino—but the movie won’t be filmed here. Why? Because of the power of incentives.