7/10/08 Headlines: Boreal Forest Monologues; Jesse plays coy; Health Care Now; Wes Clark gets burned


The Boreal Forest Monologues
by Scott Russell, TC Daily Planet
(Gunflint Trail, Minn.) Christopher Cox, Pew Environmental Group’s Minnesota representative, stood amid the burnt trees of a recent north woods forest fire and talked about global warming.

“Global warming is not something that just happens in sub-Saharan Africa or the polar ice cap,” Cox said, videotape rolling. “It is something that happens right here in our back yard.”

Jesse Ventura strongly hints at Senate run, but holds off on final decision
By Jay Gabler , TC Daily Planet
In an interview broadcast today on National Public Radio, former governor Jesse Ventura strongly hinted to David Welna that he will run for the Senate seat currently occupied by Norm Coleman—though he declined to officially announce his candidacy, saying he would wait to make a final decision until the Tuesday filing deadline.

Coalition launches ‘Health Care for America Now!’
by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
George Pokorny has been walking on eggshells since losing his job when Good Shepherd Care Center shut down this spring on St. Paul’s East Side.

VOICES The Schultz Report: Obama fiddles, Wes Clark (and liberals) get burned
by Steve Perry, Minnesota Independent
Today’s Schultz Report begins with a review of the public pillorying of Wes Clark last week for daring suggest that being a POW and a war hero did not qualify John McCain to be president–a fairly terrifying little spectacle in which Clark’s words were transmuted by “reporters” as well as chatterers into a wholesale attack on McCain’s character and the idea of military service itself. “What Clark pointed out,” Schultz notes, “is that merely having been a prisoner of war, his record in Vietnam in and of itself, is not a qualification to be president.”


NEWS YOU CAN USE Check your lake
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
From my vantage point in St. Paul, it looks like everybody goes to the lake for the weekend. Traffic is peaceful, restaurants seem less crowded, and I confess to a little envy of all those folks sitting somewhere “up north” with a book, beer or bratwurst in hand. I’m less envious now that I have reviewed the “impaired waters” report published by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

Central Corridor Coalition wins national grant
by Rachel Dykoski, TC Daily Planet
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman announced in June that the city won one of the four grants being offered municipalities by the Ford Foundation. St. Paul’s grant is for development planning around the Central Corridor light rail line. Coleman said that the Central Corridor represents a “$1 billion investment opportunity that will forever change the face of St. Paul.”

Views and Reviews

Film note: Native stories on film at the Walker
by Cyn Collins, TC Daily Planet
In Sikumi, the vast, barren white Arctic landscape intensifies the red blood of a crime.

Music note: Sepia Tone’s bona fide funk
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
It is very easy to forget just how many incredible bands there are roaming around loose in the clubs and bars of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Sepia Tone are one kick-ass-and-take-names reminder.

Northeast on Parade
by volunteers, MTN
The Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association marches in the Celebrate Northeast Parade. Members of the neighborhood group talk about their involvement in this segment of a show produced by the Minneapolis Television Network (mtn.org) for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP).


Fat City: Now let us declare our independence from corn and cars
by Rich Broderick, July 7, 2008, Ground Zero
Of late I’ve been trying to run errands on my bike whenever possible. It’s not virtue. It’s financial. With gas hovering around $4 a gallon, I’m trying to save money.

by Nicole • Bolivia, 6/24/08 • Greetings from Sucre, Bolivia!

Running’s more fun with tobacco
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
Edgerton, Wisconsin’s annual Tobacco Heritage Days include the usual constellation of rural festival fun—a horseshoe tourney, a petting zoo, a pie-eating contest, a dunk tank, cow bingo, and a mailbox improvement contest. Head-scratchingly, though, the event also includes a significant number of athletic events: a softball tournament, an ax throw, and—wait for it—a fun run.

New release, free MP3 from Aviette
by Greg Swan, Perfect Porridge
On July 1 local postmodern indie rock band Aviette released their second full-length album, The Way We Met, on Draw Fire Records. Working with Minneapolis-based producer Darren Jackson (Tapes n’ Tapes, Kid Dakota, The Hopefuls) helped the group make some lofty steps on their sophomore offering, and early indications are this band is poised to take off.