20/20 #17: Beyond the story: Interactivity for readers

Journalism is not a one-way street

Interactivity means offering ways for readers to interact with stories and journalists. That could mean:

  • commenting on a story
  • emailing the writer
  • contributing more information
  • finding more information
  • offering opinions
  • connecting with people who are interested in the same issues …

Tools for interactivity

  • Invite readers to contribute when you are writing the story.
  • Offer ways to connect with other people — organizations that offer help, organizations that are organizing around the issue, politicians and government officials
  • Use social networking tools in reporting and in the story:

–       Twitter

–       Facebook

–       Flickr

–       YouTube

–       more …


How can readers connect with you and your story? (email, comment, etc.)

How have you used / could you use social media tools in reporting?