6/28/08 Headlines: Prescription partnering; Hmong folktale art; Minnesota/Beijing/Olympic connect; CANDO on housing



The good fight: Minnesota lawmakers go for “expedited partner therapy” to stanch rising STD rates
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Independent
As diagnoses of chlamydia and gonorrhea increase, legislators (and Tim Pawlenty!) embrace a sound-but-controversial plan to combat them

Kao Lee Thao turns Hmong folktales into art
by Jennifer Holder, TC Daily Planet
Kao Lee Thao’s solo visual art exhibit, ECHO, opened at the Pioneer Press Gallery on June 7. Thao is a 3D animation artist whose hobby is visual art. She is female, young, and Hmong—which surprises many, said Thao. “It strikes me that it shouldn’t matter. An artist is an artist.

Minnesotans get physical with the Beijing Olympics
by Cass Sanford, TC Daily Planet
As giant clocks across China count down the days until August 8 at 8:08 p.m.— the official start of the 2008 Beijing Olympics—a group of University of Minnesota students hit the streets of Beijing for a study abroad course that closely examines at the impact of this year’s Olympics on China and the world.

Central neighborhood says CANDO to taking on foreclosures
by Kori Hennessy, Lake Line
Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO) promotes livability, stability, economic development, and communication in the Central Neighborhood in South Minneapolis. As part of its mission, CANDO recently held the “Central Neighborhood Historic Renovation Tour” to tackle the recent problem of home foreclosures that has swept across the country. This tour took place the morning of June 7th. The idea behind the tour was borrowed from Dayton’s Bluff community in St. Paul. Dayton’s Bluff and Central neighborhoods both boast an abundant inventory of historic homes. CANDO takes great pride in the neighborhood’s historic homes, and would love to see some of the distressed, but architecturally significant, homes restored. The premise of the tour was to give potential home buyers and realtors a look at the unique homes available at affordable prices that have a great deal of potential, while encouraging the sale of vacant homes.


Too many committees, not enough public input
by staff, Session Daily
A cumbersome committee structure is a barrier to public participation and process transparency.

Goldy Gopher won’t appear on Victoria’s Secret merchandise
by Andrew Cummins, Minnesota Daily
Despite previous reports, the University will not take part in Victoria’s Secret’s upcoming PINK Collegiate Collection.

Report tracks progress toward making Minneapolis a more sustainable, livable city
by Staff, Camden Community News
Minneapolis continues to make progress in becoming a more vital, livable city, but challenges remain. That is the message delivered in Minneapolis – Living Well, the City’s 2008 sustainability report, which was presented on June 1st to the City Council’s Health, Energy, and the Environment Committee.


The mystery continues: an update on MPD Black police officers
by Ron Edwards, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
For the past couple of months, many have waited breathlessly for the clearing up of a rather puzzling mystery.


Three days left to submit RNC yard signs!
by Paul Schmelzer, Eyeteeth
You’ve only got three days to submit yard signs for the UnConvention’s My Yard, Our Message project.

Magic Castles CD release show—Saturday night @ Kitty Cat Club
by Cyn Collins, TC Daily Planet
Explore Magic Castles’ debut, The Lore of Mysticore, a mind-melting mystical journey of acid-rain-drenched psychedelic folk-rock songs spiraling you back to the late 60s and early 70s—whether you weren’t there, or were there and don’t remember. Tolkien- and Brothers-Grimm-inspired dark lyrics sung in layers of harmonies and fuzzy, jangledy layers of several instruments delight the brain, hips and feet. Remniscent of early Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd, Magic Castles are the most authentic psychedelic band playing in Minneapolis during this resurgence of psych-folk-rock.

I’ll have what they’re having
by Hispanic Fanatic, 6/7/08 • Neither my wife nor I watch a lot of television. However, one of her TV vices is the show “Top Chef.” The other night, she was tuning in to see which of her favorites will make the final cook-off or bake sale or knife fight or whatever, when I overheard an especially astute comment.

En Vogue, MC Hammer, Minneapolis
by jFlower, Minnesota Daily
It’s a straight up 90’s revival summer in the Twin Cities. The pop diva quartet that is En Vogue has reunited for a summer tour stopping at Loring Park this Saturday as a part of this Weekend’s Pride festival. Later on in the summer MC Hammer is in small print as the warm-up act for Cyndi Lauper.