6/26/08 Headlines: TC transgender activism; DOJ blacklists MN groups; Minnesota co-op roots; Archbishop vs. GLBT Catholics



On Stonewall anniversary, transgender activists remind LGBT movement of its roots
by David Seitz, TC Daily Planet
Like many such celebrations, the Twin Cities Pride celebration takes place in June, in part to commemorate New York City’s Stonewall Inn uprising, which began in June 1969, and is widely recognized as a galvanizing event in the history of sexual rights organizing.

DOJ ‘liberal’ blacklist included MN organizations
by Tom Elko, Minnesota Independent
An inquiry into the hiring practices at the Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed that membership in certain organizations associated with liberal politics or progressive policy — including several Minnesota-based groups — prevented qualified candidates from gaining acceptance into two elite hiring programs.

Building on Minnesota roots: a cooperative response to hard times
by Lee Egerstrom, Minnesota 2020
With the U.S. and Minnesota economies in a tailspin, standing still means falling farther behind. Recognizing that the status quo won’t do, more and more Minnesotans are rolling up their sleeves and rediscovering what has always been a source of Minnesota strength – cooperation.

Archbishop tries to stop LGBT prayer service
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Independent
The Minnesota Independent reports on Archbishop Nienstedt’s order to stop a GLBT Pride prayer service in a Catholic church, while the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities plans a prayer/protest in response.


Queertopia: A cabaret celebration of queer love
by Melissa Slachetka, TC Daily Planet
Queertopia is a theatrical event featuring a fantastic array of local queer acts, sharing a single stage for three nights only. The show is curated by Jeffry Lusiak and Morgan Thorson of Outward Spiral Theatre Company, which invites audiences to “an eclectic night of performance that’s determined to put a little more LOVE into your PRIDE.”

Art note: 20 years of good clean fun
by Jay Gabler, ARP!
“It was neither ahead nor behind the times,” says Andy Sturdevant about the Soap Factory. “It was always a perfect expression of what was happening at the time.”

Film note: Bring your Kleenex to Chris & Don: A Love Story
by Jennifer Holder, TC Daily Planet
Chris and Don: A Love Story is a documentary that unfolds the layers of the three-decade relationship between the accomplished writer Christopher Isherwood and his partner Don Bachardy, a successful portrait painter. It is a story about two men who overcame societal prejudices regarding their unequal social status, developed their separate identities, and bonded as a nurturing couple.

Music note: Afro-Cuban all-stars New Primitives
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
I didn’t realize just how much I dug Afro-Cuban rock until I ran into New Primitives. Sure, I always remembered being into War and Santana, but not a whole lot of folk play that stuff these days.


Dinkydome development faces scrutiny
by Anna Ewart, Minnesota Daily
It could be all or nothing for developers who want to renovate the Dinkydome and put a 13-story addition directly behind it.

Heading Home Hennepin
by volunteers, MTN
“Heading Home Hennepin” was produced by South High students Shira Bilinkoff, Matt Carter, Chris Lauth, Sam Quincy, Ellen Thoennes-Keller, and Rosa Thompson-Vieira.


Video Voices students document issues in the Twin Cities
by John Akre, MTN
Students at South High in Minneapolis explored the world with the medium of documentary video through a long collaboration between their school and the Minneapolis Television Network (MTN). MTN is the community television station in Minneapolis. The documentaries that the students produced through the Video Voices program this year are now available on-line and on MTN’s public access channel 17.


Far, far away (from Muslims) you say?
by Heba Abdel-Karim, 6/23/08, Engage Minnesota
You have an everyday link to Muslims. Yes, you do. You may not realize it, but there are many things we use in our daily lives that come from a “Muslim” background. From math and science to education and commerce, it may surprise you how much Muslim inventions have influenced the world, starting centuries ago and making their overlooked way into our day-to-day lives.

Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons: “Home in the Woods” MP3
by Greg Swan, Perfect Porridge
Appleton, Wisconsin native Cory Chisel has an EP coming out, Cabin Ghosts, with his band, the Wandering Sons. A song from the EP is available for free download.

Returning favorites—Theatre Unbound
by Matthew A. Everett, TC Daily Planet
After 20 years together, at this year’s Fringe Festival husband and wife Edward Linder (of TMJ Productions) and Stacey Poirer (of Theatre Unbound) will be sharing a stage for the first time.