6/22/08 Headlines: Hearing reveals horrors; Vibrant Mpls arts scene; Back on track in St. Paul, Teen Pride premiere



Truth-seeking: historic Liberia hearings in St. Paul reveal horrors
by Anna Pratt, Minnesota Independent
Describing the events that unfolded in July 1990 still brings tears to the eyes of Liberian native Jane Allison Samukai. After civil war broke out in her homeland, rebel soldiers attacked her home. Those who didn’t heed the soldiers’ demands were shot. “I witnessed my neighbor’s killing and torture,” Samukai said, wiping her eyes. “People were taken away in the night… I knew they were going to kill me.”

Additional coverage from Twin Cities Daily Planet original reporting and African News Journal.

Panel reports that Minneapolis art scene is healthy and vibrant
by Betsy Mowry, TC Daily Planet
The Twin Cities have long been distinguished by a strong and diverse arts scene. On June 12, representatives from five high-profile organizations and one area foundation convened at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for a panel meeting to discuss the current state of the arts in the city.

Back on track at Hallie Q. Brown/MLK Center
by Stacey Taylor, Insight News
In 2009 The Hallie Q. Brown/Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center (HQB) will celebrate 80 years of service in St. Paul’s Summit- University neighborhood. This year the organization will be taking on new challenges. In order to meet those challenges the organization expects to make several key changes and has hired a new executive director to continue their original mission of providing much needed services to the community.

Teen Pride Review premieres Friday
by Cass Sanford, TC Daily Planet
Younger Twin Cities Pride-goers will no longer be shut out of big, nighttime festivities as Minnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance hosts its first “Pride Revue” on Friday June 27. The event is open to those 16 and over, and will feature an array of performance art from live music to a drag show.

Readers, Writers, and Books

Book note: Ibé’s smooth Self-Expression
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
Ibé’s self-published chapbook Bumper-Sticker Self-Expression is indisputable proof that even the best publishers can miss the boat. Long story short: homeboy got skills.

Book Note: No Limit
by Cyrus Wolff, TC Daily Planet
The danger of gambling is an unusual subject for a young adult novel. Compared to sex and drugs, poker may seem a rather innocuous pastime. However, No Limit by Pete Hautman powerfully portrays the risks inherent in it.

Imperial Jesus: ‘Family” author Jeff Sharlet on the secret history of the other Christian right
by Steve Perry, Minnesota Independent
Jeff Sharlet’s The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power may be the best book anyone has written about the politics of the Christian right. Certainly it’s the most surprising, and therein lies a catch: The Family is not about the “Christian right” we know, the popular fundamentalist evangelicalism of TV preachers and retail bloc-voting and abortion clinic standoffs. Its subject is an elite fundamentalist organization almost no one had heard of before Sharlet’s book, a quiet network of powerful people — “key men,” in the group’s phrase — at home and abroad built in the name of a strong-man Jesus who cares much more for power than piety, and prefers foreign affairs to domestic politicking.


Sugar shock
by Colette Davidson, TC Daily Planet
In order for Americans to get healthy, we have to get back to our roots and stop eating so much faux food. Enough with “thiamin mononitrate,” “pyridoxine hydrochloride,” and “yellow no. 5.” Give me ingredients that exist in nature—and that I can pronounce.


Best prom couple ever
by Ellen Dahl, The Minneapoline
Outfits made out of duct tape.