6/14/08 Headlines: WCAL court decision; Women and the legislature; Hip-hop controversy; Playing with fire



Judge finds WCAL-FM, station now ‘The Current,’ was St. Olaf trust
by Chris Steller, Minnesota Independent
A Rice County District Court judge issued a strongly worded order Tuesday regarding the fate of donations to the former WCAL-FM, once an independent public radio station in Northfield, Minn., before St. Olaf College sold it to Minnesota Public Radio (MPR rechristened the station The Current).

What did the Capitol do for women this year?
by Erin Parrish, Minnesota Women’s Press
With many losses and a few wins, House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s leadership was one of the legislative session’s key victories for women

Hip-hop heads remix the media reform agenda, stir controversy at the NCMR
by Justin Schell, TC Daily Planet
Hip-hop had a place at this year’s National Conference for Media Reform—appropriately so, given hip-hop’s history of social engagement. Yet the discussions that focused on hip-hop were not without controversy or criticism.

Interview: Bedlam Theatre’s John Francis Bueche, playing with fire
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
One day, somebody is going to back a truck up to Bedlam Theatre and guys in white coats wielding butterfly nets are going to pour out, and that will be that. They’ll round up every last member of the company and deposit them at the nearest mental hospital. In the meantime, though, you can still enjoy the Twin Cities’ zaniest, most thought-provoking fare—theatre of the absurd at its finest.


City Hall Monitor: Wood-burning power plant seeks new Minneapolis home
by Chris Steller, Minnesota Independent
A weekend report that developers of the proposed Midtown Eco-Energy power plant had given up on putting a wood-burning power plant in the East Phillips neighborhood of south Minneapolis raised cheers among neighbors whose initial approval had turned to opposition. But the story’s suggestion that the project might move to southeast Minneapolis raised eyebrows and hackles among residents there, who stand ready to raise hell if the idea proves more than a passing thought.

Building a local movement toward a green economy
by staff, Workday Minnesota
More than 150 people, ranging from elected officials to neighborhood activists, business leaders and union members, filled the Carpenters hall recently for a breakfast roundtable on “blue-green” issues.

New affordable housing development strives to meet community needs
by Dennis Geisinger, Southside Pride
“I think that it symbolizes a new kind of urban development,” said developer Dale Joel recently about the soon-to-be-realized redevelopment of the Purina Mill site on the southeast corner of 38th Street and Hiawatha Avenue. “It mixes affordable housing, transit, retail, employment and environmental values in an attempt to satisfy the needs of the neighborhood with the vision of the city,” Joel said.


People in need
by Kayleigh McClure, TC Daily Planet
Do you ever think about that pair of shoes that you saw at the store the other day? Or those designer jeans? You wanted them so badly but mom said, “No.” You were upset the rest of the day, moping around the house. I have succumbed many times to the wanting of new things, and I am sure I will again. However, something I experienced the other day will make me think twice about those designer jeans at the mall.


Artisan cheese marketer reveals why we reach for that cheese
Sylvia Burgos, 5/26/08 • Natural food stores, high-end food sellers and chain grocers are expanding their selections of artisan cheeses. So many choices! If you’re like me, you may find yourself staring at wedges you know little or nothing about. Of course, if you love cheese, this won’t stop you from buying…something.