5,000 undead to swarm the West Bank: Zombie Pub Crawl grows to frightening proportions


It’s October again, and while many have their sights set on Halloween, I have had my calendar marked for the fifth annual Zombie Pub Crawl ever since the morning after the fourth annual Zombie Pub Crawl last year. The Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl, the oldest and largest of its kind (yes, there are more of them), consists of thousands of zombie-loving citizens donning ripped clothes and fake blood and proceeding to wander, as the undead, down a preset path of participating bars. This Saturday, a pack of zombies will once again take to the streets for “Zombie Pub Crawl V: It’s Starting To Stink” and all are invited to join, though perhaps it’s a little easier for those of legal drinking age to participate.

The festivities will begin at 4 p.m. in Gold Medal Park, where the horde will gather before embarking on the crawl. At the park there will be time to put on your zombie makeup; a little fake flesh and blood are provided, and there will be merchandise for sale and general pre-crawl carousing. At 5 p.m. the crawl itself begins, running a 1.5-mile trek from Gold Medal Park down Washington and along Cedar Avenue, hitting 15 bars along the way. The path also passes several local restaurants and the promoters urge crawl-goers to support these local businesses while participating in the other festivities.

Attendance has been growing ever since its first year, and this year the Zombie Pub Crawl organizers are expecting as many as 5,000 zombies to swam the streets, the largest to date. Each bar will be featuring a zombie drink special, usually ordered by simply groaning “braaaaains” at the bartender, or, for the more polite zombie, asking nicely. Several of the bars are also featuring live bands and karaoke, and the finale party held at the Cabooze will feature Solid Gold and the Moon Goons.

There is no cover for the opening at Gold Medal Park, or for the crawl itself—except, of course, the purchase price of the drinks. The finale party at the Cabooze will be $8.00 at the door, or free with purchase of a V.I.Z. pass from the Web site. So put on some old clothes, cook up some fake blood, roll around in the dirt, round up a couple of undead friends, and head downtown this weekend.