5/31/08 Headlines: Press one to connect; Friday financials; Kenyan songbird in Minneapolis



Press one to connect
by Jennifer Holder, TC Daily Planet
Spanish? Somali? Hmong? No problem. St. Paul public schools have everyone covered with the new Connect-ED system, which can make up to three million calls an hour, in multiple languages. Beginning in June, in the event of an emergency, families of students in the St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) will be contacted within three minutes.

Friday Financials: if it’s 1980 again, can you take me to Funkytown instead?
by Molly Priesmeyer, Minnesota Monitor
This week, it’s the Friday Financials Feud: American consumers battle the economy in a no-win game that strips their pocketbooks and sends them back to 1980 in a diesel-fueled Ford Granada. If only they’d work harder and spend more, the trap could be avoided! Won’t you join the test of fun?

Kenyan songbird Amani to perform in Minneapolis
by Helen, Mshale News
Most East Africans are quite familiar with her music, especially her hits “Missing ma Baibe,” “Bad Boy ft. Nyashinski” and “Ninanoki” with Nameless.” Amani, Kenya’s top female artist and most popular in the music scene, is currently touring the U.S. Amani started singing when she was six years old, performing in different talent shows, but her professional music career begun about eight years ago.


Officials look to improve safeguards against rape
by Andy Mannix, Minnesota Daily
Prior to April 27, University police had yet to receive a report of criminal sexual conduct on campus during 2008.

Gerald Nolte’s wide world of teaching
by Michelle Christianson, Park Bugle
Many people, when they reach retirement age, decide that they’ve worked enough. They’re ready for golf, reading, puttering around the house. Not so for Gerald Nolte.

Failure to serve the public interest: License revoked!
by Mike Hazzard
This clip documents the only successful challenge of a TV license renewal in American media history. The WLBT case was significant because it established an American citizen’s right to speak at federal regulatory hearings, the right of standing.


The freedom to die in your car
by Conrad deFiebre, Minnesota 2020
It’s always a good sign when you get attacked by someone who has made a career out of being wrong. Last week, David Strom of the Minnesota Free Market Institute called me to task for putting the word freedom in quotation marks in a piece comparing our state’s resistance to reasonable driver safety laws with the disastrous U.S. policy in Iraq.


Helping in Hugo and other places
by Joe Nathan, 5/30/08 • Is kindness contagious? I’m not sure. But recent stories about folks helping out after Hugo’s tornado showed Minnesotans at our best, after some of our worst weather. Helping others, whether after a tornado, a stalled car or other problem, is one of the things we do best. Because kindness, like many other things is learned, why not build a bit of it into summer plans with our kids.