5/25/08 Headlines: Empowerment on two wheels; Public safety and parade permits–three stories; Universal health care: Not!


SUNDAY, May 25


Empowerment on two wheels

by Copper Harding, TC Daily Planet
“People threw the bikes into the river” said Dan Kueny, a board member of the Sibley Bike Depot. Sadly it was the same problem bike sharing had in Amsterdam, the bike capital of the world. Except there they have canals and the bikes ended up in the canals. It was an ignomious end to a yearlong grant to help people access bikes in the yellow bike program.

We’re not ready to pass universal health, says legislator
by Dennis Geisinger, Southside Pride
“Timing-wise and politically-wise, we just weren’t ready to pass universal health care in Minnesota,” said State Rep. Ken Tschumper (DFL-La Crescent). “We think the level of public acceptance for a single-payer system needs to be worked on,” Tschumper said.

Public safety and parade permits in the Twin Cities: Three reports from the Minnesota Monitor

Appeal denied: official RNC parade route backed by St. Paul City Council
by Paul Demko, Minnesota Monitor
The St. Paul City Council rejected an appeal of a parade permit issued for the opening day of the Republican National Convention this afternoon. By a 6-1 vote, the council endorsed the route drafted by the St. Paul Police Department.

Youth who carry replica or real guns to face tougher punishments in Minneapolis, Hennepin County
by Anna Pratt, Minnesota Monitor
To curb youth violence throughout the warmer months, Minneapolis and Hennepin County officials announced Tuesday that they would get tougher on children who are found carrying BB guns or other replica firearms, as well as real guns. Replica firearms are banned by a Minneapolis ordinance. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman said at a press conference that it will improve “enforcement of youth curfew laws, replica firearms ordinances and supervision of juveniles on probation for gun offenses,” according to the Star Tribune.

City Hall Monitor: lurking with intent to govern
by Chris Steller, Minnesota Monitor
If elected officials hang around a public chamber with intent to take action but don’t actually decide anything, can they be guilty of governing?


Northeast’s “forgotten” alleys might finally be due for paving
by Dan Haugen, Northeaster
You think you’ve seen some bad potholes? Well, check out the alley behind Joe Baron’s place.

Readers, Writers and Books

New publication chronicles the state’s historic bridges
by Chris Steller, The Bridge
Denis P. Gardner was readying his new book, Wood, Concrete, Stone, and Steel: Minnesota’s Historic Bridges, for publication last year when a bridge he hadn’t included suddenly became history.

Local eateries score with homegrown ingredients
by Chris Steller, The Bridge
Seven local restaurants’ links to nearby farms are highlighted in the new Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook, produced by the organization Renewing the Countryside and published by Voyageur Press.


Two teachers’ tough love made dreaming possible
by Jamaka Young, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
To compete for this year’s 13 scholarships, graduating seniors of African or African American descent were asked to submit essays based on the theme “Education and Graduation: It’s a Family Affair.” Here are some of the winning submissions.


Honoring strong students
by Joe Nathan, School Talk
Could Minneapolis and other metro communities do the kind of high school graduation party that St. Paul did last week? I sure hope so, because adults sent very powerful, positive messages to some of the area’s strongest students: “We value your hard work. We honor your persistence. We will help you succeed.”