5/22/08 Headlines: Media consolidation; Vive Minnesota, Budget problems postponed, U of M talks tuition



The future of media corporations?
by James Sanna, TC Daily Planet
Imagine if WCCO also ran the Pioneer Press, or you could watch C.J. on KSMP as you read her column on the Star-Tribune’s website.

¡Vive Minnesota!—Festival celebrates Latino culture
by Justin Schell, TC Daily Planet
An event 16 months in the making, Vive Minnesota…El Festival, held Memorial Day weekend on Harriet Island, has the potential to become one of the signature events of the Latino community—here in the Twin Cities, regionally, and perhaps nationally.

State’s budget problems: postponed but not solved
by Jeff Van Wychen, Minnesota 2020
In the wee hours of May 18, Gov. Tim Pawlenty and the Legislature reached an agreement to close the state’s current $935 million budget deficit. However, leaders “solved” the budget problem not by eliminating the projected long-term gap between state revenues and expenditures, but by draining the state’s general fund reserves well below the level recommended by fiscal experts.

Regents hear proposed budget feedback
by Andrew Cummins, Minnesota Daily
Despite Sunday’s state budget agreement, which means tuition won’t increase by 9.5 percent at the University, the issue remained a hot topic at Wednesday’s Board of Regents public forum.


Food and Restaurants

Tin Fish and Belgian beers
by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake
Tin Fish is open for the season, and on sunny days, the long lines are back at the Lake Calhoun Pavilion. These guys have the formula figured out: start with very fresh ingredients, and then prepare them as simply as possible. Prices seem to have gone up a bit since last year – as have seafood prices everywhere – but they are still quite reasonable: you can get a Mini Tin sandwich (two pieces of cod on a toasted bun) for $2.75 and a big grilled shrimp taco for $4.95.

Red Stag Supperclub LEED-Certified Restaurant Serves Tasty, Local Meals
by Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper, The Mix
W e first became aware of the oddly bright, oddly harsh light of light- emitting diodes (LED) in flashlights and those new Christmas lights. We couldn’t imagine lighting a room with them. So of course we were curious when we heard that Kari and Kim Bartmann’s new supper- club is entirely lit with LEDs.

Broders’ Pasta Bar
by Nick and Natasha Laul, Minneapolis and St. Paul Restaurant Critics
Broders is located in a quiet neighborhood in south Minneapolis. On the corner of 50th St and Penn Ave though, you’ll notice a crowd either enjoying a glass of wine on a charming patio or patiently waiting for a table in one of the more popular eateries in town. You’re almost guaranteed a wait at Broders; its indicative of the popularity but also because the space isn’t very large.


Session 2008: a great start for transportation
by Conrad deFiebre, Minnesota 2020
The 2008 legislative session that ended early Monday was the best for Minnesota’s vital transportation system in at least 20 years, highlighted by $6.6 billion in new road, bridge and transit revenues over 10 years and a last-minute agreement to build the Central Corridor light-rail line.


Nelson and Peck: Eyesores of downtown
by Todd Melby, Building Minnesota
If you spent Sunday enjoying the sun and missed the Star Tribune, Rick Nelson and Claude Peck sent a shout-out to the ugliest buildings in downtown Minneapolis. (And Lord, we have a bunch of them.)