5/17/08 Headlines: RNC protest plans; Northside home opportunity tour; High rent vacant homes; NWA workers fear for jobs



RNC protesters agree to a diversity of tactics
Julia N. Opoti, TC Daily Planet
“Come join a discussion of past experiences, concerns and plans for how to make the RNC demonstrations powerful,” read an email in my inbox. My interest was immediately piqued.

TODAY: Northside Opportunities Home Tour shows possibilities for home ownership
by Anissa Hollingshead, Northside Opportunities Blog
Are you or someone you know thinking about buying a home? Have you always wanted to own your own home but didn’t know how to make it happen? Have you considered living on the Northside? Why or why not? These are the questions a special event on Saturday, May 17th, is being designed to help answer.

Deluxe vacant-home tour: executives are the newest squatters
by Molly Priesmeyer, Minnesota Monitor
Sure, it’s no secret that the Twin Cities metro area is suffering from a serious glut of homes for sale, most of which are seeing a price drop of 10 percent this year. But did you know that, according to the most recent research from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors, there’s a 15.9-month supply of homes worth more than $500,000 just sitting alone and gathering dust? That’s nearly twice the 8.7-month supply of those in the median-home-price range of $190,000-$200,000. And did you know that homes worth more than a million bucks are growing the stalest of them all, totally stripped of their copper furnishings and artwork and forced to wait out the 24.3-month supply of those just as opulent as they are?

Northwest Airlines workers fear for jobs in merger with non-union Delta
by Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review
Coming off work, Northwest Airlines workers in their gray uniforms with red and white reflective stripes attend a late-night union meeting April 28 at the Eagles Club near the airport. They look tired. The 11 p.m. meeting lasts until 1 a.m., the day’s fourth informational meeting for members of Local 1833 of the International Association of Machinists.


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Headwaters Foundation moves to support 15 immigrant workers fired from D’Amico
by Anna Pratt, Minnesota Monitor
The Headwaters Foundation for Justice, a local organization that fights for social justice causes, recently announced it would boycott a venue catered by D’Amico & Partners to show support for the 15 Latino workers who were let go from the metro-area restaurant chain on March 31. Its annual “Allies for Justice” dinner will be held Wednesday at the Minneapolis Hilton instead of the University of Minnesota’s McNamara Center, where D’Amico has an exclusive contract.

KBEM on Access to Art
Staff, MTN
Non-commercial Jazz radio station KBEM which operates out of North High School has been training students in broadcasting since the 1960s. Access to Art Correspondent Hamil Griffin-Cassidy recently visited the station and talked to staff and students. See video in multimedia box in column 3 of front page.


Minnesota in the transportation safety slow lane
by Conrad deFiebre, Minnesota 2020
In a sad reflection of the U.S. misadventure in Iraq, Minnesota leaders for decades have sacrificed enormous amounts of blood and treasure in the name of some ineffable idea of “freedom.”


Shocking statistics about Minnesota college/university graduation rates
by Joe Nathan, School Talk
A recent, little-noticed report provides some stunning, even shocking information about Minnesota’s colleges and universities. While a great deal of attention rightly has focused on our K-12 system, “Minnesota Measures: 2008 Report on Higher Education Performance,” by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education shows that improvements also are needed urgently in higher education.