5/13/08 Headlines: Single-payer preferred by docs; Raids on health care fund; Teen pregnancy rises; Walker teen art



More physicians support single-payer health care
by Kathlyn Stone, TC Daily Planet
Fifty-nine percent of U.S. physicians now support a federally administered health insurance fund that would guarantee health care coverage for everyone, according to a report published recently in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The current support represents a 10 percent increase from a similar national survey in 2002. Among Minnesota physicians, the support for health care financing reform appears to be even higher and tied more specifically to a single-payer system.

Berglin, DFL push for constitutional amendment to stop raids on state health care fund
by Britt Robson, Minnesota Monitor
Tired of watching Governor Tim Pawlenty try to raid Health Care Access Fund dollars to balance deficits in the general fund, DFL legislative leaders are attempting to put the matter in the hands of the voters. On Thursday, Senate Health and Human Services Budget committee chair Linda Berglin (DFL-Minneapolis) brought forth a bill for a constitutional amendment that would mandate that HCAF monies go to the state-supported health insurance plan known as Minnesota Care, as originally intended when HCAF and Minnesota Care were created by Berglin and other legislators 16 years ago.

Teen pregnancy especially high among Minnesota’s Latinas
by Kevin Keen, La Prensa de Minnesota
Minnesota’s teen birth rate increased 7 percent between 2005 and 2006, the Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting reported. The organization also reported that the teen birth rate among Minnesota’s Latinas increased considerably more—by 13 percent. Experts point to a lack of sex education and communication among Latino teens and their families. They say information and opportunities can help decrease the ever-growing trend of teen pregnancy.

Walker teen council makes things happen
by Tanya Bui, ThreeSixty
A bag of Doritos, a child’s purse, and an award given to an Enron employee a month before the energy company’s collapse. A group of Twin Cities teens has linked them together in the Corruption Collection, which is on display at the Walker Art Center’s Bazinet lobby until June 29.


Seward resident takes top prize in international art contest
by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
Gary “Juara” Clements has been making art since the second grade. His drawing board and supplies are always with him, he said. He has taught the subject in a Minneapolis school and “carried art into every job I’ve ever had,” said Clements, a longtime South Minneapolis resident who has lived in Seward for more than two years.

Higher Ed, Labor, teeth and parents
by Mike Cook, Session Weekly
More labor members could sit on a college board, more oral health practitioners could be practicing in the state, and parents may be informed when their son or daughter gets in trouble at college.

Activism against the odds
by Rachel Dykoski, TC Daily Planet
Shanaye Mitchell’s story of juggling study, activism and care for her mother inspired attendees at the April 30 State of Democracy in Minnesota planning conference, sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Mitchell juggles her work on a planned double-major, double-minor in French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese, attending the University of Minnesota on full scholarship, while also participating in spoken word forums, online activism, and serving as a personal care assistant to her mother.


The future in numbers
by Ted Meinhover, Asian American Press
In an article published on May 2nd, Patrick Buchanan expounded on a recent study by the Augusta, Georgia based National Policy Institute. His article, “The Way Our World Ends,” evokes T.S. Elliot, “this is the way the world ends/ not with a bang but a whimper,” to talk about the changing demographics of humans on our planet.


Taking Heart: Visit a Mosque, Share a Meal on Wednesday
by Marcia Lynx Qualey, 5/11/08 • Engage Minnesota • Gail Anderson isn’t asking you to make a new best friend. “I think if next Wednesday night, we get a number of Christians to walk into a mosque—that’ve never been in a mosque before—then I think we’ve done something,” said Anderson, unity and relationships organizer with the Minnesota Council of Churches.