5/12/08 Headlines: Clash over ‘Border Crossing’; Graffiti grants; Tallying the votes; Sex ed and religion


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Playwright and producers clash over Border Crossing
by Joel Grostephan, TC Daily Planet
On May 4, Border Crossing, a play about immigration, finished an 8-day-run at the Ritz Theater. The play was produced and directed by the Off-Leash Area, a Minneapolis company known for adventurous movement-based productions. Reviews were complimentary, but the playwright, Marcie Rendon, refused to see it.

Minneapolis doles out $164,500 for graffiti prevention and clean-up
by Molly Priesmeyer, Minnesota Monitor
Relatively speaking, there’s a lot more money spent on graffiti removal locally than you probably realize. Along with the Minneapolis Anti-Graffiti Initiative, which pays citizens cash for leads about graffiti that produce arrests, the city of Minneapolis is offering Graffiti Micro Grants to non-profit community-based organizations and churches for beautification programs, graffiti clean-up, and teaching the Graffiti Hurts curriculum, among other projects.

Tallying the votes
by Nick Busse, Session Weekly
Hardly a day goes by without a member of the public asking a legislative staffer some variant of the following question: “How do I find out how my legislator voted on a bill?”

Governor, legislators bow to religious right on sex-ed bill
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
A bill to ensure age-appropriate and science-based sex education curriculum in Minnesota schools was stripped from the Omnibus Education Policy bill currently being debated in conference committee. Offered in some form for the last eight years, comprehensive sex education has the support of the majority of Minnesotans, yet legislators lack the political will to put the bill on the governor’s desk.


Music note: Sweat, beards, and broken banjo strings
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
While we were waiting for the Avett Brothers to take the stage at the Cabooze Thursday night, I pointed out to my girlfriend that there were not one, not two, but three banjos plugged in and ready for action. We were all the more impressed when the band started playing and it became clear that multiple banjos were necessary not to be played simultaneously, but to insure that there would always be a backup ready when Scott Avett’s fierce strumming began to shred steel strings.

A fine line between aerosol art and graffiti
By Anna Ewart, Minnesota Daily
To some people, it’s public art; to others, it’s a nuisance. Some city officials say that both aerosol art and illegal graffiti are problematic. Aerosol art is legal spray painting done in public spaces or on canvases, while graffiti is illegal marking on public or private property.

The 2008 baseball season gets a Spanish twist
by Lauren Hayden, La Prensa de Minnesota
When people think of Latinos and sports, they picture a ball, two teams and lots of running around. The favorite game of many Latinos, however, is not soccer. This baseball season, Latino Communications Network (LCN) will broadcast 26 Twins games in Spanish on their radio stations KMNV AM 1400 and KMNQ AM 1470.


To be Black in America
by Ralph Remington, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
I remember rushing home on Friday nights to see “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” on ABC TV, followed by The Odd Couple and “Love American Style”. This is the Black experience in America.

I remember having two portraits on the walls in my childhood home, one of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other of JFK. This is the Black experience in America.


Passion and bitterness without circumspection
by Eric Pusey, Politics from the Precincts
Y’all probably notice that I don’t write about the Presidential race much at all. First because my goal is to write about MN politics. Second cuz I’m a wonk and if I were to start, it’d be all I’d write about … ever … its a wee bit complex as you all know. Third, there are MORE than enough people covering it … from the gasbag, lying, egotistical pundits to sites like Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars, firedoglake and Huffington Post to thousands of blogs across the country.