5/1/08 Headlines: Prayer and a haircut; Breaks on stage; May 1 Workers’ Day; Pocky, kimbap and sushi



Prayer and a haircut for Tibetan mourners
by Lisa Peterson, TC Daily Planet
Pema Dechen sat on a folding chair outside the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota waiting patiently for the razor to reach for scalp. She looked straight ahead, seeming not to acknowledge the crowd of shivering onlookers. After twenty minutes of nicking and shaving, Dechen stood up and walked away, her feet weaving through the remnants of her locks. Another member of the crowd stood up to take her place and the head shaving began anew.

Breaks on a stage, breaks on a screen
by Justin Schell, TC Daily Planet
the break/s, which received its world premiere at the Walker Art Center earlier this month, is a riveting traversal of Marc Bamuthi Joseph’s emotional and global travels and conflicts in, through, and because of hip-hop.

May 1st, International Workers Day
by Mariano Espinoza, La Prensa de Minnesota
Over the last couple of years the Latino community in the Twin Cities has decided to go to the streets and celebrate May 1st by demonstrating against Immigration raids, deportations and other actions used by federal agencies to remove undocumented immigrants from the country. Some of them have been using the date as a resource to demand an immigration reform and the recognition of undocumented workers’ rights as part of the rights of any worker in the country. And though this day has been chosen to celebrate immigration and its benefits, it is important that we remember what May 1st is about and what we can do to connect with the workers’ rights movements all over the world.

The world coming to St. Paul
by Mark Weaver, TC Daily Planet
Have you ever tried a pocky? Do you know the difference between kimbap and sushi? Do you know how to make a yurt? How about a hardanger? Have you ever wondered what life, entertainment, crafts, music, and food is like on other parts of the planet? Did you know you can find out relatively easily and cheaply?

The great cover-up: Minneapolis takes a page from Gary, Indiana
by Molly Priesmeyer, Minnesota Monitor
Can make-believe really make you believe? Can a boarded house painted to look as though it isn’t make you buy the house next door? According to a story in Saturday’s Strib, the city of Minneapolis is banking on it.


Views and Reviews

Theater note: Out! Out, damn knot!
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
With dozens of compelling but under-attended shows presented each year, I assumed that the independent theater community in the Twin Cities had lifted every stone in search of audiences. When I entered the Bryant-Lake Bowl theater to find myself among a crowd of middle-aged knitters, I realized that the ever-entrepreneurial Joseph Scrimshaw had proven me wrong.

Music note: KRS-One captivates the crowd—but slights local artists
by Justin Schell, TC Daily Planet
Onstage at Trocaderos, KRS-One declared that now that he’s been here, “the world knows that hip-hop is in the Twin Cities.” Rhetorical or not, this seems like a pretty incredible statement to make when you’ve had a number of the best artists in the Twin Cities perform before you.

Interview: Rumba master Wallace Hill
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
Veteran percussionist Wallace Hill is getting it together for Rumba Colombia Workshops, a monthlong foray into Colombia’s African-inspired rumba stylings. “African musical traditions,” says Hill, “are tools of social coherence, continuity, ritual, and renewal.”


A little water, a little sun, and watch it bloom
by Staff, Asian American Press
Raised on a farm in Northern Minnesota, the annual cycles of nature and agriculture, from sterility, to the bright green of rebirth, to death and decay, are etched upon the core of who I am. The sweetly disgusting smell of fertilizer spread on crops is forever just a sensory memory away.