4/5/08 Headlines: Rain gardens, mortgage targeting, and zenn driving



Rain gardens: The silver BB
by Lisa Peterson de la Cueva, TC Daily Planet
“Rain Gardens aren’t the silver bullet,” Rusty Schmidt said while playing with his daughter at the park. “But they’re the silver BB.” Schmidt, who planted fifty-six rain gardens last year, is a Natural Resource Specialist for Washington Conservation District. Bullet or BB, he was talking about long term solutions to storm water quality.

Wells Fargo: Minnesota’s No. 2 employer is No. 1 for targeting minorities with high-cost loans
by Molly Priesmeyer, Minnesota Monitor
Wells Fargo, Minnesota’s second-largest employer, holds the title of the largest financial institution in the state. The banking giant has what it calls banking stores (180 in Minnesota), mortgage stores and financial stores dotting every area of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. But Wells Fargo also holds another title: the institution most likely to target minorities with high-cost (subprime) loans, regardless of income.

Zenn and the art of neighborhood navigation
by Chris Stedman, The Bridge
I turned the car key and heard nothing. Under normal circumstances this would be great cause for concern. This, however, was no normal car. I was sitting in the surprisingly spacious cabin of a Zenn (which stands for zero emission, no noise) Neighborhood Electric Vehicle.


David Hwang to be honored at Theater Mu Gal on April 7
by Ted Meinhover, Asian American Press
David Hwang will be one of the guests being honored at Theater Mu’s upcoming Gala, which is being held on April 7 at the new MacPhail Center in downtown Minneapolis.

Girls get a voice
by Shannon Drury, Minnesota Women’s Press
After nearly a decade of imagining, networking, fundraising and planning, Laura Jeffrey Academy (LJA), a new girl-focused public charter middle school, plans to open its doors in St. Paul this September to its inaugural class of fifth- and sixth-grade students. Eventually the school will serve girls (and possibly a boy or two) in grades five through eight. The school is a dream of its founder, Cindy Reuther, who envisions a school where girls learn not only about math, English and science, but just as importantly. “[that] all girls get confidence in their smarts at a very young age.”

Comprehensive sex ed: how a popular and effective bill got lost at the Capitol
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
With rates of sexually transmitted diseases increasing and teenage pregnancy up for the first time in 16 years, ensuring adequate sexual health information in middle and high schools in Minnesota would seem like a no-brainer. After all, 9 out of 10 Minnesota parents support a comprehensive approach to teaching teens about responsible sexuality, yet a bill to do just that has been offered each of the last eight years and failed.

How would Central look with concentrated housing?
by Margo Ashmore, The Northeaster
It was like being in the TV show “Numb3rs” only without all the cool graphics and chalkboards. But when New York retail consultant Michael Berne came back to “play with blocks” on Central Avenue March 6, algebra reigned.


The show must go on…but when does being a “pro” become a no-no?
by Anne Nicolai, TC Daily Planet
Twice in the past few months, I’ve witnessed the machismo of seasoned and talented actors who should have been lying in bed but chose the spotlight instead. They were not doing their fans any favors.


200 Years in the Future, 200 Years in the Past
Eleanor Arnason, Facts & Fictions
My assumption, thinking about science fiction novels, is that the world is going to be a lot different 200 years in the future. But then I started thinking.