4/24/08 Headlines: Communication and subversion, Foreclosures rising, Minnesota minorities, Jumbo arts section



The art of communication and the act of subversion
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
“You can make inroads in the machine,” Robyne Robinson says. Though she loves her job as Fox 9 News co-anchor, she has no illusions about the corporate news game. The news media have been “hijacked,” and news departments are “financial drains” on broadcast networks, tolerated because “federal law requires some sort of public communication.”

How’s the neighborhood? Minneapolis foreclosures on pace to surpass last year’s record numbers
by Molly Priesmeyer, Minnesota Monitor
Now that the ice has thawed and Minneapolis residents are shaking off that long hibernation, the cusp of spring is revealing new colors: red foreclosure signs on front doors; orange letters of condemnation; gray, city-placed plywood covering windows and doors to keep vacant homes from being stripped of copper.

Minnesota minorities here to stay but not home yet
by Edwin Okong’o, Mshale
The state boasts one of the fastest growing minority populations in the United States but communities – new and old – face monumental challenges.

Views and Reviews: Special Jumbo-Sized Spring Fever Edition!

Film note: Ellen Page in Fragments
by Stephen Sporer, TC Daily Planet
At the beginning of The Tracey Fragments, one of the selections from Canada in this year’s Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, the character Tracey Berkowitz (Ellen Page) says, “I’m Tracey Berkowitz, and I’m just your average teenager who hates herself.”

Theater note: From the heart of a woman flows her song
by Anne Nicolai, TC Daily Planet
Of the myriad characters and concerts I’ve seen Thomasina Petrus perform, none has touched me more than her title role in Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill.

Dance note: A ballet of fighting, a Puckish garden party, and more
by Melissa Slachetka, TC Daily Planet
If you are not sure what to expect from modern dance, go see Zenon Dance Company at the Southern Theater; the performance will exceed any expectations you might have.

Theater note: People Sittin’ Around Doin’ Shakespeare
by Christopher Pommier, TC Daily Planet
If you were ever unsure of what the Bard was getting at, this is the play to see.

Music note: Pachyderm’s So Large We Ran Out of Room
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
Compilation discs are a crapshoot. Most times, you’re lucky if there’s more than a few good cuts. With Pachyderm Studio’s So Large We Ran Out of Room, however, your luck runs pretty good.

Music note: Witches and nymphs on Rice Park
by Rebecca Mitchell, TC Daily Planet
When I showed up at the Ordway to see Dvorak’s Rusalka, I was not surprised to see young girls decked out in their fanciest dresses. After all, the Minnesota Opera had been billing this performance as “The Little Mermaid without the Disney ending.” But the Disney ending wasn’t the only thing missing. There was no Flounder, no singing crabs, and no personalities to carry the cast of characters.


When It Comes to Health Care, Gov. Pawlenty Should Lead or Get Out of the Way”
by Matt Entenza, Minnesota 2020
If nature abhors a vacuum, then it has to hate what’s going on with the governor and health care. What we’re witnessing in St. Paul is a vacuum of leadership to address arguably the biggest challenge facing the state today.


Spring gardening fever: Friends School plant sale
Submitted by Grace Kelly, 4/23/08 • Just like the Girl Scout Cookies sale tops all other cookie sales, so does the Friends School Plant Sale top all other plant sales.