4/22/08 Headlines: On the bus; No happy endings with foreclosure; Energy alternatives


TUESDAY, April 22 — Earth Day


On the bus: public moments, personal stories
by Mark Weaver, TC Daily Planet
A woman exposes her breast to feed her infant. A pedantic, self-appointed social and fashion critic disparages four pony-tailed men. Overly energized frat boys mock a Dale Earnhardt fan by chanting “Dale is Dead.” A kooky old man wears a mousetrap on his ear. Have you ever ridden on a city bus and had similar tales to tell? Rett Martin, originator of BusTales.com, encourages you to express yourself and share stories of your encounters while riding on city buses around the Twin Cities.

No happy endings
by Michele St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press
Sharon Glover paid her mortgage every month. “I never missed a payment,” said the 68-year-old retired college vice president from Golden Valley, who purchased her house 24 years ago with her late husband.

Twin Cities see a bright future
by Hilary Brueck, Minnesota Daily
Chris Born doesn’t have a monthly energy bill. In fact, in March, Xcel Energy paid him $18.

The ethanol question
By Nick Busse, Session Weekly
When William Lee sat down to testify in support of a bill that would establish a low-carbon fuel standard in Minnesota on April 15, he might have been forgiven for not expecting such a lively response to his testimony.


Review: Big Dreams, Little Tokyo
by Stephen Sporer, TC Daily Planet
An offering from the ‘American Cinema’ section of the Filmfest, Big Dreams, Little Tokyo is a light-on-its-feet, off-beat comedy about a determined American businessman obsessed—and I mean obsessed—with Japan.

Birdman of Lauderdale
by Clay Christensen, Park Bugle
My wife and I saw our first horned larks in Wabasha County, in southeastern Minnesota, in March 1988. As best we can recall, we were spending the weekend at a bed and breakfast and took an afternoon to drive around the county looking for birds. Neither of us remembers where we stayed, but we both remember the horned larks. What gorgeous birds!

Bike Boulevards
by Agatha Vaaler, KFAI
Mia Birk, a bike/walk activist, spoke in Minneapolis on how cyclist-pedestrian oriented development has transformed Portland, Oregon, and how Minneapolis could best utilize its $21.5 million federal grant money for future bike/walk projects.


Scary Sunday
by Rachel Dykoski
She’s mad, bleeding and armed. I ran in after her pleading, chasing. “Don’t DO this! Do the RIGHT thing! Somebody please tell her for me, STOP her!”


Power 2 Change
Heidi Hanse, TC Daily Planet
As Earth Day arrives on April 22, many people are launching into new projects to help save the planet from global warming.