4/16/08 Headlines: Earth Day 2008, NWA/Delta workers and merger, Foreclosure’s ticking clock



Earth Day 2008
by Betsy Mowry, TC Daily Planet
Dozens of events around the Twin Cities mark Earth Day 2008. April 22 is the actual date for Earth Day, but the celebrations begin April 17 and continue for more than a week.

NWA/Delta merger: what about the workers?
by Chuck Olsen, The Uptake
Dawn Mikkelson knows a lot about the plight of Northwest Airlines workers. She’s been documenting their story since the airline’s mechanics went on strike in 2005. Her soon to be released film called “The Red Tail” documents the trail of broken dreams left by a powerful corporation. A few weeks before the Northwest/Delta merger was announced, she sat down with The UpTake’s Chuck Olsen to talk about what the merger would mean to the remaining Northwest workers.

Employees cast wary eye on Northwest-Delta merger
by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
Months of speculation ended Monday with the announcement that Northwest and Delta Air Lines will merge. But for employees of Northwest, the uncertainty is just beginning.

Legislation would aid some 12,000 Minnesotans facing foreclosure
by Michael Moore, Workday Minnesota
The foreclosure clock is ticking, Governor Pawlenty. That’s the message housing activists brought to the Capitol steps Monday, when they kicked off a weeklong series of high-profile actions to pressure lawmakers – and Pawlenty, in particular – into swiftly passing the Subprime Foreclosure Deferment Act.

COMING TOMORROW: Dozens of ways to participate in Earth Day!


New High School on the block
by Edwin Okong’o, Mshale
A normal American high school student wishing to take a job may be doing so only to earn a few dollars for a movie with a girlfriend or to buy a cool gadget like an iPod. You might see such a teenager flipping burgers at the local fast food eatery, or bagging groceries and pushing carts at the supermarket. It is almost unheard of to find a high school student clad in a suit and tie going to work at a bank or a similar job. But that is exactly what the students of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School do.

‘Garbage’ or good legislation?
by Brian Hogenson, Session Weekly
Gone are the days when every bill was brought before the House on an individual basis for debate and a vote. Large omnibus bills are becoming the norm for steering a committee’s bills toward the governor’s desk, raising questions of legality and good government in the process.

Community reflects on Olympics conflicts
by Hilary Brueck, Riham Feshir, Minnesota Daily
The Olympic torch relay has already completed its North American leg, but questions of human rights violations and overbearing Chinese governance remain for Minnesotan athletes and professors.


Gov. Pawlenty’s education resume a little thin
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s appointment to lead a national education commission would suggest that Minnesota, under Pawlenty’s leadership, is a national education policy leader. A look at the past six years suggests otherwise.


The great green energy debate
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
If all the heat generated by community debates over biomass, biofuels and green energy could be channeled into the grid, the Twin Cities could go petroleum-free any day now. Unfortunately, we have no way to harness that energy to light the streets or run the trains. Instead, vehement and sometimes vitriolic discussion sometimes narrows the focus of the debate to what’s wrong with one source of energy, rather than a broad analysis of costs of various kinds of energy and conservation.