2012 Minnesota Ethnic and Community Media Directory

The Twin Cities Media Alliance is proud to present our 2012 Minnesota Ethnic and Community Media Directory.

The Twin Cities’ ethnic and community media play a vital role in the life of our community, and in the communities they serve. They are the trusted source of information about the issues and events that matter most to the communities they serve. They provide a public forum, a message board and a marketplace. They are also an essential resource for anyone – including advertisers, public agencies or non-profits- who wants to communicate a message, or sell a product or service to Twin Cities residents.

In these pages, you’ll find contact information for nearly a hundred newspapers, online news websites, radio and television stations and programs, including neighborhood and community media in the Twin Cities metro, and ethnic media throughout Minnesota. You’ll also find more detailed information about some of the more prominent media outlets and the communities they serve. Advertising in these media can be a cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences, but it is more than that – it is also a way of supporting the work of these publishers and broadcasters, and identifying your organization or company with the communities they serve.

To view or download our 2012 Ethnic and Community Media Directory, click on the link here.