THEATER | “Our Town” by Yellow Tree Theatre: Excellent “community” theater


2 thoughts on “THEATER | “Our Town” by Yellow Tree Theatre: Excellent “community” theater

  1. What in the world did you just review here? The town of Osseo? The experience of being in a little theater outside of the city? You certainly kept your comments about the production and the play to a minimum. Were was discussion of the director’s concept and a really reviewed piece about the show in general. And you can’t describe Our Town? Really???? It’s a simple masterpiece. About simplicity. And you found a way to complicate it with glib phraseology. Yes there is a lot going on outside the city. Consider this theater, along with Stages, Bloomington Civic and Lyric Arts. If you want to venture out further (leave your bread crumbs) go see some genuine stuff at Lyric Arts (no trap doors in the floor there either). By the way, Our Town won a Pulitzer.

  2. I saw “Our Town” about 40 years ago and thought it was an awfully boring play.  So when Yellow Tree Theater had it as part of its season this year, I was a bit disappointed.  I trudged off to the theater anyway as I love Yellow Tree and it’s actors and was absolutely, terrifically surprised at this production of “Our Town.”  It made me feel right at home the minute I walked in the door and listened to the music being played in the lobby.  By adding music to Our Town, it made a classic play,  an extraordinary play.  It made me laugh.   It made me cry.  As always, Mary Fox was superb in her role.  Blake Thomas, as the stage manager, seemed like an old friend by the end of the play.  You just wanted him to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you and tell you more stories about the town.  Kudos to Yellow Tree who has done it again – created big, wonderful theater in a small town atmosphere. 

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