Minnesota Opera’s “Wuthering Heights”: I could love a Linton


4 thoughts on “Minnesota Opera’s “Wuthering Heights”: I could love a Linton

  1. “music MOGUL”? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Should Ms. Algeo be allowed to go to St. Paul again? Should she be allowed to go to another opera? Should she be allowed near music? Only her parents may know.

  2. You do not agree that Bernard Herrmann’s work in the field of Hollywood music compositions should result in his being called a “music mogul”? 

  3. Yabetcha! Which is Minnesotaese for “you bet!”. With “mogul” you imply he became astonishing wealthy (he made a good living, but he didn’t get to live too extravagantly) AND had a creative control beyond imagination (which he didn’t). Like anyone else in Hollywood, he was at the mercy of studio accountants and producers. But just so I’m clear: he was one hell of a composer and I personally enjoy his music. Meanwhile, to an even more important question: will the reviewer ever venture into the wilds of St. Paul again?

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