A warning to Secretary Clinton: Economic sanctions kill the innocent


4 thoughts on “A warning to Secretary Clinton: Economic sanctions kill the innocent

  1. Seriously dude, Our leaders have Napoleon complexes. They don’t care about dead bodies. People aren’t real to them.

  2. …but do you actually expect that a sociopath, such as Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Perry, Palin, Romney or any other name you might pick from a DC hat could care a whit about murdering innocent people?

    By definition, a sociopath has no empathy with human beings, and is only concerned with gratification of it’s own desires.

    Remember when Madeleine Albright said the murder of a half million Iraqi children was “worth it”? Those are the monsters that inhabit the halls of our nation’s capitol – they won’t blink a few million more deaths of innocents. 

  3. You think Hillary cares a jot about sanctions killing people?

    Her personal friend and mentor, Madeleine Albright, once said that the 500,000 Iraqi children who died as a result of those sanctions -‘was a price worth paying’.

    The sanctions imposed on Serbia in support of the CIA/MI6 created and funded islamic terror group the KLA killed over 500 children in the Belgrade children’s hospital alone and many more elsewhere in the country as anti biotics became unobtainable.

    The Clintons and their ilk both within the US and globally are in some way sub human.

    Their concern for humanity is sub zero as they are comsumed with power and greed.


    Bring them to account.



  4. All this is true, but Madame Secretary does not give a damn about anyone’s life.  Recall that she threatened to bomb Iran and kill 70 million.  Obama bends over for Israel and the Jewish vote.  

     What needs to be pointed out is the fact that these sanctions, aside from killing the innocent, deprive Americans from much needed jobss.  Clearly, it is more important for Mrs. Clinton and Obama  to have Israel’s approval and stay in office rather than  provide much needed jobs for the Americans at home.  Givne their loyalty to Israel, perhpas they should consider moving there — along with all the congressional member who put Israel above America.   

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