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SE 21st Ave: A Rob Kirby comic

I’m Rob Kirby, a Minneapolis cartoonist. I occasionally draw installments for a series of comics called “Time Forgot,” which pays tribute to old and/or forgotten places and artifacts in the city that interest me. The latest episode is “SE 21st Ave,” a mini-tribute to a cool little block in the SE Como area that I took a real shine to.


Minnesota schools make "most LGBT-friendly" list

(Photo by Mark Fowler published under Creative Commons License)

Four Minnesota schools were recently placed on the annual 2014 CampusPride top-50 list of LGBT-friendly colleges and universities. Augsburg College, Macalester College, and both University of Minnesota campuses in Duluth and the Twin Cities, were all ranked as 5-star schools.


Twin Cities mayors pledge racial equity

(Photos by Charles Hallman) Clockwise (from right): Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, Professor john a. powell, Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman

The Twin Cities could be the nation’s best example for racial equity — so pledge the mayors of the state’s two largest municipalities. In welcoming the estimated 500-plus attendees at the August 5-6 “Convening on Racial Equity” at the University of Minnesota, both St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges told the audience that they are committed to addressing racial equity in all aspects of government and society.


Kahn tops Noor in primary election with nearly 55 percent of the vote

(Photo via MN Daily Facebook) Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, goes over the results for House District 60B at her primary election victory party. Kahn won nine of 12 precincts in the district.

On Tuesday, 42-year incumbent Rep. Phyllis Kahn bested Mohamud Noor in a contentious race to represent the University of Minnesota's area in the state's House of Representatives. She earned nearly 55 percent of the vote.


"What You Will" at the 2014 Fringe Festival

What You Will works if you are an aficionado of Shakespearian humor with a hint of raunchiness. If you do not like this sort of thing then you may have wanted to see one of the other 168 shows available at this year’s Fringe Festival. The plot was hard to follow and the acting was just a bit overdone. My largest dissatisfaction with the show was that there were quite a few characters who seemingly had superfluous roles. When you try compacting a Shakespearian inspired piece chocked full of modern innuendos with a wide-range of characters in less than an hour, the result often is a turgid mess that only a certain target audience will receive with enthusiasm.


"Hi! Hello! Namaste?" at the 2014 Fringe Festival

Now I may not be a connoisseur of Bollywood dance styles, but I do know a good dance production when I see one. Hi! Hello! Namaste? is a truly unique experience at this year’s Fringe Festival. It offers an alternative to the festival’s slate which is comprised mainly of comedic productions. The show was full of amazing outfits and even better dancing. The very large cast worked well, offering a magnificent sight to the audience. While I’ll admit that the plot was a little vapid and cliché, this show is intended to highlight the unique style of dance that you can only find in this Bollywood inspired show.


Back from observing Ukraine election, Minneapolis resident works to preserve heritage in Northeast

Although Luba Lewytzkyj was born in the United States, she retains close ties with Ukraine, her parents’ homeland. Her father, the Very Reverend Dr. Wolodymyr Lewytzkyj, was a priest at St. Michael’s & St. George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Northeast, from 1955 to the mid-1960s. He represented the 10th generation in his family to serve as a priest.


Somali president visits Twin Cities, receives mixed welcome

(Photos and video by Christina Cerruti)

It was completely dark by the time Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud arrived at Northrop Auditorium on the University of Minnesota campus on Aug. 9. But the lack of light didn’t stop protesters, many of whom had been demonstrating for hours, from rushing to the curb and chanting “Down, Hassan, down!” as the president arrived.


"Shakespeare Apocalypse: A New Musical" at the 2014 Fringe Festival

There is a continuous battle fought by actors and high schoolers alike—understanding Shakespeare. Except for the mighty few who are either geniuses or lying, it is quite hard for most of the population to comprehend the 400 year old words of Shakespeare’s literature. Shakespeare Apocalypse, performing at Theatre In The Round, exposes many of the issues modern generations have with Shakespeare’s writing and provides a glimpse of what would happen if we decided to stop reading Shakespeare – an apocalypse, obviously. The story begins with Peter, a starving young actor (naturally), and Amy performing Hamlet when Peter forgets his next line. He then begins improvising. Then improvising turns into a big rant against Shakespeare. This is all filmed by teen vlogger Tracy, who puts it on the internet and the video goes viral. Soon people all over the world are burning Shakespeare’s work and proclaiming #downwiththebard! In a turn of Freudian proportions, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Ernest Hemingway come back, having sold their souls to the devil for literary immortality, to destroy the world. Peter and Amy must save the world. With twists and turns at every corner, Shakespeare Apocalypse does not follow the normal path of apocalypse stories at all, making it truly original and innovative.


"Fringe Orphans 3: The Legend of Orphans' Gold" at the 2014 Fringe Festival

Fringe Orphans 3, performing at Theatre in the Round, is an eclectic collection of short shows which would not have been long enough for a full fringe slot. The five minute shows range from Fit in This, about creepy weird girls who attempt to fit an “Important Man” into their toys, to Great Moments in Metro Transit which chronicles a man’s experiences riding the bus for a year as he slowly becomes less phased by all the strange stuff that happens. Since every show is written by different authors, and most have different actors, the stories do not in any way connect. This is alright, they are not supposed to, but what this does lead to is a wide range of humor and quality. Since every show is so different from the next, it is very unlikely for anyone to enjoy every single one. Since there is such a wide range, though, there is something for everyone.

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