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Bill could boost funding for Somali youth

Ka Joog aims at  motivating Somali  youth "to take part in the civil aspects in our community and to pursue a higher education."

The funds would go to a partnership between the U and a nonprofit group.



THEATER REVIEW | Blue Water Theatre Company's "This Is Our Youth" very youthful

This Is Our Youth - the troubled trio of Warren (Kevin Dye), Jessica (Kasey Carpenter), and Dennis (Adam Hebeisen); photo courtesy of Blue Water Theatre Company

I’m not sure I should be reviewing Blue Water Theatre Company’s production of Kenneth Lonergan’s play This Is Our Youth. On the one hand, it is part of Southern Theater’s ARTshare offerings, and Blue Water is one of the resident companies this year. On the other hand, this could only charitably be called a full production, and I don’t think it helps anybody if I start grading on a curve. If reviewing Defying Gravity felt like kicking a puppy, I’m not sure where to take that metaphor if I start evaluating This Is Our Youth.


THEATER REVIEW | Gadfly Theatre Productions' "Vile Affections": God only knows

Sister Bart (Emily Weiss), Sister Caterina (Sarah Parker) and Sister Fiora (Dana Lee Thompson) - the three holy sisters who are Sister Benedetta's undoing in Gadfly Theatre Productions' Vile Affections; photo courtesy of Gadfly Theatre Productions

I’m fully behind Gadfly Theatre Productions’ mission of creating queer and feminist theater and art. (Heck, I even took part in their original shorts festival last summer.) But Vanda’s Vile Affections isn’t doing them any favors. The script has so many unreliable narrators for this supposedly true but sparsely documented story of nuns under investigation in 17th century Italy that I not only lost the thread of the story, at a certain point I wasn’t even sure what the story was anymore. The case of Sister Benedetta Carlini (Amanda Kay Thomm Bahr) is notable for being one of the earliest documented cases of a lesbian affair. But Benedetta’s sexual relations with Sister Bartolomea Crivelli (Bart, for short) (Emily Weiss) don’t take place until well into the second act. And it’s not as if there’s a slow burn leading up to the event throughout the first act. In that sense, Vile Affections would appear to be about something else. What that is (you’ll pardon the expression) God only knows. 


Franklin Avenue to be repaved and improved for bikes and pedestrians

Image from City of Saint Paul.

Paving and improvements to Franklin Avenue just west of trunk Highway 280 will cause street closures and other traffic disruptions this summer.


Getting to the Green Line: Seen through the Lens of a Wheelchair User

Margot Imdieke Cross navigates a sloping ramp on the way to the Rice Street station. Photo by Harry Kent

No, I’m not in a wheelchair, but I’ve spent time walking alongside people who are, as we tested out walking and rolling routes to a couple of the Green Line stations.


The more cyclists, the better; West Bank nonprofit gives locals a chance at bicycling

Earn-a-Bike student Wondey Geta observes as mechanic Ben Swanson demonstrates how to remove a bike tube at SPOKES on Saturday morning. Photo by James Healy, via the Minnesota Daily.

After a month of studying and repairing bicycles, two people will ride away from a small shop near the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood on free bikes.


City ordinance could increase fees for owners of third-tier properties

A Minneapolis police car.

Minneapolis wants compliance from landlords with high-maintenance properties.

The Minneapolis City Council is considering an ordinance this spring that could charge landlords w


Leadership forum crafts united urban agenda

The Rev. Jerry McAfee gets applause for his call to come together despite differences within the African-American community.

They came together for the greater good. A one-day gathering of several hundred at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs was convened by the African

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