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What will become of Dinkytown’s Southeast Library?

(Photo by Bill Huntzicker) The Southeast Library, designed by the late Ralph Rapson to be a credit union, has operated in its Dinkytown building since 1967.

Dinkytown could soon lose its public library, but Hennepin County will ultimately decide if that's worth it, or if they should replace or upgrade it.

The four neighborhoods that surround the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis are underserved by library services and space, said a consultant who organized a study that could be the first step toward determining whether the Southeast Library at Dinkytown will be updated or replaced.


The curious case of luxury student housing

The American gentrification story will sound familiar to many: A historic neighborhood, home to traditionally transit-oriented apartments and modest single family homes, slowly becomes destitute and outdated as the automobile era drives population away from city centers. The neighborhood becomes derelict and neglected, but eventually, the bohemian counterculture — the artists, performers, musicians, and designers of a creative class — occupies and slowly kindles mainstream interest back into the area. Aside from retired, amenity-seeking empty nesters moving back into urban areas, most of these newcomers are young adults. There is a trend in these urban population shifts that is not often discussed — the study of college-aged students and their corresponding living patterns. Unlike other burgeoning urban neighborhoods, students occupy and dwell in a unique, confined location in close proximity to their college campus.


Students challenge who defines U of M diversity, President declines invite to meet off-campus

(Photos by Charles Hallman)

Whose Diversity? is a diverse “collective” of University of Minnesota undergraduate and graduate students who came together at the beginning of the year to argue against what they call a “cosmetic” commitment to diversity at the school. After they presented a list of “diversity demands” to President Eric Kaler, the group was featured in an MSR June front page story (“Student group presents ‘diversity demands’ to U of M officials: ‘Whose Diversity?’ resists cooptation, wants more than ‘sprinkling a few faces of color in catalogues,’” June 12, 2014),


MUSIC PHOTOS | Doomtree Blowout at Varsity Theater

Photos by Meredith Westin

Doomtree played at the Varsity Theatre on Wednesday, December 11 as part of their final Doomtree Blowout ever.


Prospect Park takes action to address winter street parking woes

(Photo by Lisa Williams published under Creative Commons License)

Unlike several other University of Minnesota neighborhoods, Prospect Park’s streets are winding, narrow and not laid out in a grid system.


'America, Here I Come': Book explores Somali immigrant experience

Hamse Warfa

The story of Hamse Warfa begins in a place not unfamiliar to many immigrants in Minnesota: Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. But where that story culminates (at least for now), is quite unique: with a memoir Warfa released last month: “America Here I Come: A Somali Refugee’s Quest for Hope.”


Students seek bathroom equality for University community

(Photo by Lisa Jacobs published under Creative Commons License)

Sarah Klyman searched the University of Minnesota campus to find bathrooms that weren’t designated for men or women.


Operating trains on the Green Line is 'not for everyone'

(Photo by Michael Hicks published under Creative Commons License)

With one hand on the control stick, Lisa Callahan waits behind a blinking dashboard for the vertical “go” signal to flash from the tracks outside Union Depot in St. Paul.


MUSIC REVIEW | Transitional Species, HACK, Surgery at the Hands of Machines and Lazarus Long at the Kitty Cat Klub

The Kitty Cat Klub is great for a wide range of entertainment. Sunday night I saw a few experimental bands or bands that at least defy traditional labels or grouping. The set lists were abbreviated since Freddy Fresh took over the bar at midnight to shoot a video. (Always kind of fun!) But it was enough time to get a taste of each act.


Gender-open housing moves forward at University of Minnesota

(Photo by jonsson published under Creative Commons License)

The University of Minnesota is making progress on a gender-based housing initiative it announced about a year ago.

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