Central Corridor light rail will run 24/7

When the Central Corridor light-rail line opens June 14, trains will run 24/7.


Transportation, 'revitalization' and safety on the table at 'Bringing Broadway Back' forum

Jamil Ford, Alissa Pier, Paul Bauknight and Paula Pentel, during their panel discussion. It was noted that in the map behind them, the compass direction north is down, the river is at the left. (Photo by Margo Ashmore)

Which comes first, reduction of negative factors, or positive development? That chicken-egg question was the heart of the matter when about 45 community leaders, developers, residents, business owners and city planners gathered at the YMCA on West Broadway April 17 in the morning, to discuss plans to improve the area, addressing a campaign pledge of City Council Member Blong Yang to hold a “summit” on the issue. The objective was to develop “solutions, visions and improvements to revitalize West Broadway.”


Midway businesses meet, prepare for Green Line launch

As the June 14 launch date for the Green Line approaches, over 80 representatives from the government, local businesses and non-profit organizations attended the Midway Economic Development Summit on April 16.


Density is an historic resource

Lately I’ve been thinking about historic preservation.


Potholes: A patch or a real fix?

As winter slowly melts into spring around here, the one smart transportation policy every Minnesota driver supports is Fit it First. As in: Please fill the gaping canyons along my daily commute before they wreck my shocks, struts and backbone.


Putting a (freeway) cap on urban redevelopment

The Green Line LRT has brought many redevelopment projects to St. Paul. One such project site involves a parcel of land on Snelling Ave., just north of I-94, known as the Bus Barn site.


Weigh in on statewide bike plan

Minnesotans are invited to weigh in on a forthcoming statewide bicycle system plan at nine public meetings around the state over the next several weeks. Public comments "will help us identify and recommend bike routes, improve existing facilities in the bike system and more effectively address the needs of bicyclists," says the state Department of Transportation.


When the University of Minnesota is involved, councilmember Jacob Frey isn't shy

City Council member Jacob Frey speaks to the press Friday in Dinkytown about being safe after Saturday's Gophers men's hockey team's NCAA championship game. (Photo by Bridget Bennet)

Jacob Frey has already made a noticeable mark on Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota, even though he’s been a City Council member for less than four months.


Francy and the bus shelter: One woman's crusade for 'decent' transit stops

Back in February, the Star Tribune ran a story on the front page of the Metro section entitled “Mpls. Reclaims Bus Shelters.”1 The article described the city’s plans to acquire 177 existing bus shelters from CBS Outdoor, a privately owned company, and transfer management to Metro Transit. This decision came in response to citizen complaints about CBS Outdoor’s poor maintenance of the shelters.


Minneapolis patches pothole fund with extra $1 million

One of the many potholes that cars attempt to avoid hitting on Pillsbury Drive Southeast on the University's East Bank on Thursday. (Photo by Holly Peterson)

This year’s harsh winter conditions have created massive potholes throughout Minneapolis, prompting City Council members to pass a budget measure Friday to help speed up repairs.

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