Ticket scalping: Is there a problem, and is paperless ticketing the answer?


3 thoughts on “Ticket scalping: Is there a problem, and is paperless ticketing the answer?

  1. But on the virtues of using paperless ticketing to prevent scalping, consider this, too: I buy tickets to various events and concerts as gifts for people. Often I am not going to those events with these people. And every paperless security system I’ve seen would essentially prevent me from doing that.

    And that makes me sad.

  2. if the real problem is scalpers buying up all the tickets to charge a premium, why not go back to the old way – tickets can only be resold for face value?  i thought that worked pretty well.  you can still sell or give away any ticket you can’t use yourself (yep, this has happened to me as well), but you’ve eliminated the aftermarket scum, and opened up ticket sales for the people who actually want to see the concert.

    i also buy tickets for other people – will they be like greyhound where you get charged extra to buy a ticket for someone else to use?

    it’s completely wrong to disallow this type of transaction, restrict the actual problem part.

  3. They could set it up so that at the time of purchase you enter the ticket holder’s name. They would then use their credit card to pick up the ticket. It woudl still accomplish the denial of later transfer, but allow you to purchase tickets for someone else.

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