Hearing set in Hebrew National lawsuit

A motion to dismiss the lawsuit charging that Hebrew National hot dogs are not “100% kosher,” as widely advertised over the years, will be heard July 31 in Dakota County District Court — where the lawsuit was originally filed in 2012.


IGGERS DIGEST | Weekend Chinese brunch at the Minneapolis Tea House

The weekend buffet brunch at the Tea House, 2425 University Ave., Minneapolis is still pretty new, but word seems to have gotten out in the local Chinese community - we arrived around 1 p.m. last Saturday, and every table in the place was taken. But what we got was well worth the $13.50 price and the 10 minute wait. Tea House's weekend brunch is very different from the standard Chinese buffets (which are mostly pretty awful) or the dim sum brunches at places like Yangtze, Mandarin Kitchen and Pagoda in Dinkytown (which are pretty good).


Dinkytown vacancies don't faze property, business owners

A man looks at the building where Bruegger's Bagels was located on 14th Avenue in Dinkytown on July 10, 2014. The shop closed in June because of an increase in the retail space's rent rate. (Photo by Holly Peterson)

Vacant Dinkytown storefronts aren’t a sign of a waning business district, property owners in the area say.


IGGERS DIGEST | Newest Eat Street discoveries: Cinco de Mayo Mercado and Apho Tibetan takeout

So many new restaurants opening up on Nicollet - especially south of Lake Street - that it's hard to keep up with them all - Kyatchi, the new sustainable sushi restaurant at 3758 Nicollet Ave. S., and the bricks and mortar version of Hola Arepa at 3501, and the new location for Corner Table at 4537. You have probably read about those already - but my latest discoveries are a couple of little take-out locations at in the 3700 block that have actually been around for a while - Apho, at 3752 Nicollet Ave. S., and Cinco de Mayo Mercado, across the street at 3733 Nicollet Ave. S.


TC Weekend | Mpls. Aquatennial, Rondo Days, Highland Fest, Roots, Rock & Deep Blues Fest & more!

Updated 7/18/2014 12:45 p.m.

The All-Star festivities have wrapped up, but the Best Days of Summer are just beginning with the start of the Minneapolis Aquatennial and other big cultural and community festivals in the Twin Cities this weekend. So far the weather forecast looks bright — perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying the festivities! See what's on tap below:


NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Buster's on 28th reopens

The patio announces the news: Buster's on 28th has reopened!

After over a year, Buster’s on 28th has reopened.

The popular restaurant closed after a fire during last summer's "solstice storm” on June 21, 2013.


Bar Louie, dress codes, aversive racism, and searching for the forest amidst all these damn trees

Some people will look at a Van Gogh and just see a bunch of stupid dots. And no matter how passionately or rationally you argue about the importance of stepping back to see the larger image that all those dots create, they will insist on pressing their faces as close to the painting as possible, inspecting each dot, one by one, convinced that all those stupid little dots aren't really "art."


IGGERS DIGEST | You don't have to be Muslim: Sampling Minneapolis' Iftar buffets

A sampling of the fare at Big Marina's Iftar buffet.

Ramadan, the Muslim month of prayer and dawn to dusk fasting, runs through July 28. The faithful break the fast each evening with a festive dinner, and a number of local Middle Eastern restaurants mark the occasion with well-stocked buffets. These are so popular that some of the restaurants set up special outdoor tents to handle the overflow. Top local spots for Iftar buffets include the Marina Grill and Deli (2424 University Ave.) and Big Marina Grill and Deli (4755 Central Ave., Columbia Heights and 128 W. Lake St., Minneapolis) , Marhaba Mediterranean Grill (2801 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis and Crescent Moon Bakery (2339 Central Ave., Minneapolis).


Research funding boost to help new University Bee Lab facility in battle against waning honeybee population

Bee Squad team member Chris Kulhanek carries a frame from a hive at the rooftop apiary at Urban Ventures in south Minneapolis on Monday afternoon. Recent state allocations will partially fund the construction of a new University Bee Lab on the St. Paul campus. (Photo by Chelsea Gortmaker)

Midsummer sunrays beamed on Monday as University of Minnesota researchers let a swarm of buzzing honeybees loose, allowing them to forage nearby fields before returning to the experiment’s site on the St. Paul campus.


Lands End Pasty Company: For Brit foodies, a new Dinkytown destination

Lands End Pasty Company co-owner John Earl makes pasties on July 7, 2014, at the newly opened shop in Dinkydale Mall. Earl began making the savory meat pies after tasting them on a trip to Cornwall, England, four years ago. (Photo by Holly Peterson)

For six months straight, John Earl ate more savory pies than he could stomach in search of the perfect crust.

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