TCFoodies 2012: A feast of great food writing

  • StuartB

    OK, so I went out and got goat, ok, so maybe not a whole goat but 3 pounds, skinned it, cut it up, spent a day making a curry sauce to cook it in, ate some when NO BODY in the house would come into the kitchen to even look at it, then I wrote up an article for TCPlanet on Curried Goat for Christmas Dinner in Jamaica and gave the curry away to a Jamaican couple who inspired me.  I have not heard from them in three weeks, I hope they are OK.

    Stu Borken

  • Jim Mork

    I’m say you should brag.  Your the shepherd of this citizen journalism, and even if you didn’t pick up stuff from my blog, you’d still have an astounding stable of writers. Boggles the mind what happens when the public fans out to cover news.  I know I don’t write as well as some people who honed their craft over decades.  Or even some here who merely love the art of writing. But take the quality of the whole team, and it is pretty good.