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Melanie Danke is our neighborhood correspondent in Northrop. Tell her about the garage sale, or the community garden - ask her how to register and get your profile on TC Daily Planet!

Melanie lives in the Northrop neigh-borhood, but crosses the river to her Two Smart Cookies shop in St. Paul. She is excited to be involved in community journalism as a neighborhood correspondent, and looks forward to hearing from you. You can hear from her on her blog, Plumb Tuckered Out.

Melanie says her favorite spots include, "Any of the many beautiful Twin Cites libraries... despite my habitually massive fines."

Contact Melanie at melaniedanke [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net

Field Regina Northrop is conveniently located less than 5 miles from downtown Minneapolis just east of 35W, roughly midway between Lake Harriet and Lake Nokomis. Our neighborhood is bordered to the south by Minnehaha Creek, along which runs a path for walking, running, in-line skating or biking. The business district at 48th and Chicago is home to restaurants ranging from Mexican to Sushi and businesses ranging from hardware to tennis supplies. McRae Park and Recreation Center is the focal point for a number of youth activities; and in the spring the park serves as the location where the neighborhood holds a festival to celebrate the diversity of its residents 

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For detailed demographic information, see the neighborhood profile from Minnesota Compass


Suppertime... or not

Last night Hubby and I fulfilled one of our deepest fantasies. No. We didn't go all 50 Shades of Grey over here, you guttersnipe. It was much better. Last night we ran away from home.


Fuel standards will push technology

The federal government has worked with auto manufacturers on aggressive fuel economy standards


Congress passes legislation to prevent student loan rates from doubling

Congress passed legislation Friday to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling this year.


Father’s Day Weekend honors positive Black dads

A father of two daughters, Terry Austin wants all Black men to be more involved with young Black males and females.


Seeds of Controvery: New abortion laws give birth to conflict between pro-life and anti-immigrant forces

The ranks of pro-life and anti-immigrant activists -- two demographics with a significant overlap in membership -- find themselves increasingly at loggerheads.


Perp Walker: What letting the Gov. off Scott-free signifies

Well, you’d think that all the lies and intentional divisiveness, the recording of his conversation with a hoax caller he thought was one of the Koch brothers, the video of him promising a big donor about his plans to divide and conquer Wisconsin by going after public employee unions as a prelude of a lunge at the jugular of a right-to-work campaign, taped just a few months before he testified


Conversion Experience: Catholic-born Born-Again Pawlenty woos Mormon candidate

With Tim Pawlenty now publicly courting Mitt Romney, who needs a bland white guy as his running mate like he needs to tone down charisma, I pulled up this Ground Zero I wrote about T-Paw back in ’06. Still relevant today when it comes to this pandering sack of processed cheese curds.

Here goes, from November 2006: God, Guns, and Governor Pawlenty


Minnesota high court rules in University's favor in Tatro case

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the University of Minnesota didn’t violate the free speech rights of a student it disciplined over Facebook posts.


Learning from the Netherlands: Bread, bikes and business

I got back from vacation last night, so I'm still a little jet-lagged and full of good resolutions that may fade away or get ground under the weight of work. Still, a once-in-a-decade excursion could be life-altering, and I did learn a lot, whether I manage to incorporate the lessons in daily life or not. 

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