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Responding to Neighborhood Youth Corps: Lessons for Recession:

I have been talking about this for years! In my neighborhood there are seniors who just cannot mow/shovel/paint/plant, and who can pay for help if it is reliable and safe. Then maybe they can stay out of assisted living and in their own homes that much longer. And maybe some of the teens revving their engines could find something more interesting to do, as well. In the same vein, a screening program for people looking for roommates, or to rent out part of ther house (or trade household chores for rent) There are so many possibilities that would be helpful in all directions. One of the awkward parts of NYC was that some kids were earning more than their parents, which rankled. So maybe the shape should be more like a neighborhood job Corps – and outside of the NRP process

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  1. I am terrifically curious to know just who was rankled by that? If it was the parents, my experience tells me that that was a false report. Underpaid parents who see their own children starting with success will get over personal offense when he or she realizes the difference it will make to the child and the family budget. I am not referring to children contributing to rent or utilities but rather learning to work and taking pride in buying their own clothes, electronics, and entertainment. Most parents, while being rankled at the system that does not support them as individuals, would not call for the closing of a program that offers their own children better opportunity.

    If the rankling is coming from watchers and pundits, then what we are setting up is a pseudo-caste system. If one takes exception to a child earning more than that child’s parents ( who are grossly underpaid , is that not classism? That is to say that, if I make $6.00 and hour and because of that my family is in need but the PTB ( powers that be) pull that program on account of taking personal umbrage at the very idea of a child earning more than a parent, then where does that leave that generation of children living in poverty, in whatever decade?

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