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Students challenge who defines U of M diversity, President declines invite to meet off-campus

(Photos by Charles Hallman)

Whose Diversity? is a diverse “collective” of University of Minnesota undergraduate and graduate students who came together at the beginning of the year to argue against what they call a “cosmetic” commitment to diversity at the school. After they presented a list of “diversity demands” to President Eric Kaler, the group was featured in an MSR June front page story (“Student group presents ‘diversity demands’ to U of M officials: ‘Whose Diversity?’ resists cooptation, wants more than ‘sprinkling a few faces of color in catalogues,’” June 12, 2014),


Students seek bathroom equality for University community

(Photo by Lisa Jacobs published under Creative Commons License)

Sarah Klyman searched the University of Minnesota campus to find bathrooms that weren’t designated for men or women.


Gender-open housing moves forward at University of Minnesota

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The University of Minnesota is making progress on a gender-based housing initiative it announced about a year ago.


Homeless students invisible on campus

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After a full day of studying or working, Adrian Martinez leaves school at about 5 p.m. each night to secure a space at a local homeless shelter.


Chicano and Latino Studies department problems persist

Amid complaints that the Chicano and Latino Studies department is suffering from a lack of funds and resources, University of Minnesota leaders are reaching out to find solutions.


Legislators reform University of Minnesota regent selection process

(Photo by Bala Sivakumar published under Creative Commons License)

Criticism surrounding the process for choosing the University of Minnesota’s regents has prompted reform, as some state and school officials say it’s loaded with unnecessary political pressure.


Faculty unionizers want support from students

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Advocates of faculty unionization at the University of Minnesota are asking for the support of a new group: students.


Nursing students guide path for Ebola volunteers in Liberia

As health volunteers pack up and head to an Ebola clinic in a small Liberian village this month and next, a group of University of Minnesota nursing students are constructing maps of the place, which is practically invisible on Google and Bing maps from thousands of miles away.


Chicano, Latino department running on last fumes, program leaders seek outside help

(Photo by Images Money published under Creative Commons License)

With only one full-time faculty member, the University of Minnesota’s Department of Chicano and Latino Studies is concerned for its future.


Share Dinkytown stories at a reunion this weekend

(Photos by Bill Huntzicker)

If you have Dinkytown memories and stories, you’re invited to share them this weekend at a couple of events and to reminisce about the area’s past and discuss its future.

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