COMMUNITY VOICES | Minneapolis DFL Party should apologize

The Minneapolis DFL Party owes the citizens of Minneapolis an apology and ought to make a statement to that effect -- whether by resolution or otherwise -- at its upcoming city convention.


Artie and Barbara: A Short Story

Once upon a time, in a small Midwestern town, a young couple, new to the area, were expecting their first child. So they decided to visit the town hospital to make arrangements for the baby’s delivery. “Viking Hospital” seemed a strange name to them for a hospital, but it was the only one in town.

Their conversation with the hospital administrator, Mr.


To the Point! Top political priority is Vikings stadium?

No politician will admit that they consider funding a Vikings stadium a top priority. But for some, it seems to rate higher than education, health care, or other needs.


Let the stadium bidding wars commence

A Vikings stadium bill that allows Minnesota cities to bid against each other to offer tax breaks and other incentives could be introduced at the Legislature as soon as Monday. 


FREE SPEECH ZONE | "Education" from Hennepin County Environmental Services

Hennepin County Environmental Services, essentially a subsidiary of big incinerator company Covanta, thinks baseball fans need education on the merits of breathing garbage incinerator pollution.


Students shine green light on garbage burner

Starting in April 2010, Minnesota Twins fans for the first time in decades will get to experience the sights of outdoor baseball.

The open sky, pennants rippling in the breeze, the natural green gr

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