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Third-party attorney general candidates talk crime and transparency

Third-party candidates in the state’s upcoming attorney general race delved into issues of police brutality, prison-worthy crimes and drug prevention at a debate on the University of Minnesota’s campus Tuesday night.


OPINION | An ethics officer can help reform the Minneapolis Police Department

To Mayor Betsy Hodges,

Last month, I attended a forum at the Minneapolis Urban League about police-community relations. One of the panelists, longtime community leader and media presence Ron Edwards, pointedly mentioned that all of the debates about problems of police conduct were not so different from debates in the 1960s — we’ve had 50 years of a community looking for positive reform but getting very little.


OPINION | Thoughts on race after "Let's Talk: Ferguson"

The following are some thoughts after attending “Let’s Talk: Ferguson” at Penumbra Theatre, Wednesday, September 10. Sarah Bellamy hosted panelists Dr. Matthew Johnson, Ricardo Levins Morales, and Dr. Soolin Pate. Artistic readings were given by Malik Curtis, Erin Washington, H. Adam Harris, and Gebreil Khadar.


Anti-police brutality protestors march on MPD Fourth Precinct

“Indict, convict, send them killer cops to jail; the whole damn system is guilty as hell.”


October 22 National Day of Protest Against Policy Brutality

10/22/2014 - 6:30pm

SHINE A LIGHT ON POLICE BRUTALITY! We will meet up at North Commons park to expose and demand an end to police brutality. After a brief rally, we will march to an appropriate target.

Can financial incentives force police cultural change?

Both Minneapolis Mayor Hodges and Chief Harteau are committed to changing the culture of the Minneapolis police into more of community police force. The police abuse has violated community trust. Chief Harteau even called in the federal Justice Department to put on more pressure to change. The Star Tribune describes the conclusions:


At Minneapolis policing forum, questions about intervention

In an open letter to the community, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges acknowledged that some of the city's police officers have abused their power, and she promised to repair the department’s reputation as a cornerstone of her administration.


Arts meets politics: Twin Cities artists share their outrage over Ferguson

(Photo courtesy of David Bayliss)

After Minneapolis poet David Bayliss witnessed the Ferguson riots on television earlier in August, he felt the need to express his outrage through his art. Now he wants to give other local artists a chance to do the same.


For the sin of prejudice: Growing up Jewish as a person of color

Every year on the High Holidays, police officers sit outside our synagogue to protect our community and building from harm.


Black community feels snubbed by Police Chief Harteau's forum no-show

It appears that no one is safe in Minneapolis – not even the city's chief of Police.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau was scheduled to be a part of a community listening session on Sept. 18 at Sabathani Community Center in south Minneapolis, but a couple of hours before the event was to take place, the chief pulled out citing "credible information" of a planned attack on her.

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