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Do you have a talent or skill you’re willing to show and tell in the neighborhood? Do you have five or more people you know that would sign up to take a class of yours? Corcoran Park is ALWAYS interested in more programming from Corcoran residents. Call or stop by if you or someone you know may have a programming idea.


Como Park bridge project underway

(Photo courtesy of the City of St. Paul) The pedestrian bridge will be restored to its Classic Revival architectural style.

After several delays, work has begun on the footbridge project near the Historic Streetcar Station in Como Park.


Kids weigh in on Bethune Park renovation plans

Groups of kids gathered around an exhibit to choose what examples of potential playground equipment they would most like to see in their park.

Rust adorns the frames of the rapidly aging playground sets standing in North Minneapolis’s Bethune Park, the once brightly-painted metal jungle gyms and swing sets now faded by decades of steady use. Likewise, the nearby sun-bleached concrete wading pool stands empty for the season.


This urban neighborhood park sits adjacent to Bethune Community Elementary School (PK-5) on 12.2 acres of land overlooking an incredible view of downtown Minneapolis.

1301 10th Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55411
(612) 370-4951

Minneapolis Park Board, along with City, addresses inequities

(Photo by Charles Hallman) (l-r) Tom Godfrey, Michelle Kellogg and Cordell Wiseman

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges since her election nearly a year ago has made racial equity a cornerstone of her administration. The City Council earlier this summer approved her agenda, calling for all city departments to reduce racial disparities. Does this also include the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB), which historically has struggled with diversity issues both internally and externally?


Report calls for more public space along Green Line

(Photo by Bruce Johansen)

The opening of the Green Line light rail has environmental advocates and others evaluating the University of Minnesota’s amount of green space.


Thoughts on Target Field Station

With the emerging debacle of The Yard prominent in the press (Strib and blogosphere), it is natural to overlook the fact that downtown Minneapolis just opened a brand new public space. It is called Target Field Station (formerly The Interchange), and despite Tom Fisher’s review on MinnPost, people actually use it and it is pretty nice. So considering downtown Minneapolis, with its skyway system, failed parks over the years, largely treeless sidewalks, and overall general inability to produce a good downtown park or public space, Target Field Station is a huge victory for the city. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Target Field Station shouldn’t win any awards (although it probably will) but we’ll take it because it does decidedly improve the public realm downtown. But the real litmus test of the success of Target Field Station will be how people use it over the years, so let’s capture an early snapshot.


The Future of Powderhorn Park Community Meeting

08/18/2014 - 6:30pm

In 2015, the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board wants to update the Powderhorn Park Master Plan. The current Park Master Plan was created in 1995. The new Powderhorn Park Master Plan will “guide system-wide capital improvements, management, programming and operations” for the next 20 years! If you were in charge, how would you put together a 20-year plan for Powderhorn Park? Stop by on Monday and let us know your thoughts!

Doggie date night #1: Lake Nokomis

By this time of the summer, the “ohmydog, the weather isn’t trying to kill me anymore!” novelty of being outside can wear off, and it gets easy to fall into a rut: you and your partner take your pooch to the dog park and then to your favorite dog-friendly patio, night after night, all summer long. And it’s lovely, and you enjoy it, but isn’t it time to shake it up? Winter always comes too soon, so you’ve got to get out there and soak up the best of summer while you can.


Weather puts Webber Park's new pool behind schedule

(Photo by Alex Schlee) Foundations of the basin are in place; a liner surrounds where the edges of the basin will be. The center will soon be filled with filtration pipes, which will run underneath regeneration plants that will clean the pool’s water.

The center of Webber Park lies bare, a large portion of land fenced off to the public while construction crews lay the groundwork a new, naturally-filtered swimming pool and the changing house. Groundbreaking on this project began last summer, and while progress has been made, the forces of nature have ensured that it has been an arduous, slow process.

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