Bdote Field Trip: Dakota in the Twin Cities

05/30/2015 - 8:30am - 4:00pm

Spend the day visiting local sites of significance to Dakota people and learning about them from a Dakota perspective.

Learning in traditional ways from Native children's literature

Diverse though our experiences may be, we were all children once, and I believe that reading children's literature helps us to see ... through the lens of that commonality. 
- Linda LeGarde Grover

n Ojibwe tradition, as well as in all other Native cultures that I know of, womanhood from birth until the return to the spirit world is a sacred state, honored and respected.


NEWSDAY | Rats, bats and worse: Native American school left behind in Minnesota

Fungus, rodents, bats, exposed wiring and other hazards in a converted, metal-clad pole barn: that's the high school for Native American students in Minnesota' Leech Lake Indian Reservation, accord

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