Youth activism: Washburn High School theater teaches advocacy

(Photo by Nate Brault) Washburn High School students in the Theatre III class, participate in the day's activities.

Eshay Brantly didn’t know what to expect walking into the Theatre I class at Washburn High School in Minneapolis.


VIDEO: "My country, rich people in government have power"

(Still from video by Adja Gildersleve) Video below

This election year, seven individuals are learning more about what it means to do their civic duty, and they’re sharing their stories on video.


Minneapolis school board candidate Iris Altamirano issues statement about negative campaigning

Minneapolis at-large school board candidate Iris Altamirano issued this statement about recent negative campaigning:

A recent negative mailing and negative campaign calls we’ve seen and heard about, in the past week are more examples of what I’ve been saying throughout our campaign: We need a new conversation about education in Minneapolis because the situation for our kids is too urgent. Negative campaigning does not move us in that direction. Our campaign has been focused on bringing people together and building a collective vision for all Minneapolis kids to have opportunities to succeed. I will continue to campaign with integrity, respect for all perspectives, and with the deep belief that we must move beyond the polarized framework of this debate and put children at the forefront of this conversation.


Neighborhood groups decry Hodges' plan

(By Moira Blodgett)

Neighborhood groups in the University of Minnesota community are up in arms over Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges’ proposal to put a traditional source of their funding to different uses.


VIDEO: "Immigration reform, there's lots of people who are hurting."

(Still taken from video by John Akre) Video below

Many nonprofits participated in Get out the Vote this year, and they’re sharing why voting is important to them on video.


Are Minneapolis' school board seats being bought?

This negative ad mailer targeting DFL Minneapolis school board incumbent Rebecca Gagnon was paid for by the Minneapolis Progressive Education Fund. The advocacy group has received hundreds of thousands of dollars to go toward the Minneapolis school board election, with most of it coming from out-of-state donors.

Will a seat, or two, on the Minneapolis school board be sold to the highest bidder?

The amount of money flowing into the 2014 Minneapolis school board race is enormous, according to the campaign finance reports that were submitted by candidates and various advocacy groups.


VIDEO: "I never voted in my life"

(Still taken from video by John Akre) Video in Spanish and English below

Many nonprofits participated in Get out the Vote this year, and they’re sharing why voting is important to them on video.


TC Weekend | Free Ink Day, Free the Beast, Día de los Muertos celebrations and more!

My, how time flies! We’ve had a gorgeous fall, with sustained colors and above average temps. Now here we are at the cusp of November, which brings cooler weather and the close of TC Weekend for the year. The good times will roll on, however, with seasonal/holiday events and arts coverage!

Naturally, this weekend’s roster is heavy with Halloween and Dia de los Muertos happenings, and a few other fun events sprinkled in for good measure. In the midst of all the spooky revelry this weekend – don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour (2 am on Sunday) for Daylight Savings Time! 


Local faith community escorts souls to the polls: Voting polls open on Sunday, Nov. 2 in Minneapolis

(Photos by Charles Hallman) Faith leaders led a march to the voting polls on Sunday, October 26.

Minneapolis residents now can vote this Sunday at City Hall and other precincts before the November 4 general election.


Vote yes twice on Minneapolis city charter amendments

Most election years, I like to take a look at some of the more obscure votes at the bottom of the ballot. It seems like the farther down on the ballot we go, the more direct influence those votes have on our lives. And yet we tend to be the least informed on these issues, and we give them the least regard.

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