Thoughts on Minneapolis' proposed Accessory Dwelling Units ordinance

Minneapolis folks, the draft ordinance for Accessory Dwelling Units is available! It’s like Christmas-come-early for urbanists. Ok, maybe not that extreme, maybe it’s more like President’s Day? I dunno. Either way, the pace that the city council and planning staff have moved this particular topic through to this point is very encouraging, as is the level of support (92%!) so far from Minneapolitans. That’s insane – I can’t imagine 92% of us agreeing on what color pavement our streets should be, so, good job!


Minneapolis gets new sibling in Somalia

(Photo by Zachary Bielinski) People applaud after the Minneapolis City Council votes to become a sister city with Bosaso, Somalia, on Oct. 17, 2014. It's the first sister city arrangement between the U.S. and Somalia.

Minneapolis became sisters with a Somali counterpart on Friday — becoming the first city in the country to do so — in an effort to strengthen international ties with Somali-American residents.


Stocking the staples: Minneapolis considers minimum requirements for grocery stores

(Photo by Elizabeth Brumley) Owner Abed Hassuneh works behind the counter at Santana Foods Monday. Santana foods sells some staple foods, but the Minneapolis City Council is considering an updated grocery store ordinance that would mandate an increase in required staple foods carried in stores.

More fresh fruits, vegetables and other core food items may be coming to Minneapolis corner stores this spring.


Mark your calendar: MPS Board retreat and 100 Days since the Office of Black Male Achievement

Last Tuesday at the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) Board of Education meeting, it was SO GOOD to see SO MANY families, parents, teachers, staff, principals, students, elected official, community leaders, partners, and neighbors.

Let’s do it again!


Urban animals, part 2: Minneapolis care and control initiatives

Many children look forward to the presents they’ll receive for their birthday. Ten-year-old Ainsleigh Jensen believes so much in the importance of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC) that she requested donations for the organization in place of receiving presents for herself.


Minneapolis City leaders aim for greener energy with newly approved Xcel and CenterPoint contract

(Photo by moleofproduction published under Creative Commons License)

Minneapolis’ top energy providers will collaborate with government leaders to meet the city’s sustainability goals, after a City Council vote on Friday and a multi-year campaign from sustainability activists and University of Minnesota students.


Phillips community sweeps up the neighborhood

(Video by John Akre) Phillips neighborhood community members picking up garbage for the Phillips Clean Sweep on Oct. 11. Video below.

The four Phillips Neighborhoods of Minneapolis, Phillips East, West, Midtown and Ventura Village, collaborated once again onr the annual Phillips Clean Sweep on October 11. Neighbors grabbed garbage bags and picker-uppers to pick up trash on the streets and others joined city garbage crews to pick up large items in the alleys.


How I would save the DEED house (2019 Aldrich Ave N)

First things first, I wouldn't actually save this house. Although I certainly would support anyone who might step up, there are other homes in need of my attention and this one doesn't have enough going for it to be worth taking away from other preservation efforts. What follows is more of an exercise in fleshing out ways that such properties could be saved in the future.


Don Samuels calls cops over hotdog giveaway

(Photo courtesty of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change) A Minneapolis police officer shows up at NOC's office on West Broadway. Video below.

With less than three weeks to go until the Nov. 4 election, Minneapolis school board candidate Don Samuels may have gotten himself in some hot water with a local Northside philanthropic nonprofit.


Mayda to play New Century Theatre

(Photo courtesy of Team Mayda)

Home grown phenom, funk rocking vocalist-songsmith par excellence Mayda (www.imaydasong.com) has star power stamped all over her in block letters. She has, in fact, ever since her debut Stereotype was released in 2008, continuing to consistently impress with The Interrogation, Tusks 'N' Fur and, now, Busy Signals. Her upcoming performance at the New Century Sessions series, smack dab in the middle of downtown Minneapolis, should go a respectable way toward sustaining momentum and establishing just the sort of next-step, high-profile traction she deserves around these parts.

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