Looking back at Labor Day's turbulent origins

Monday, September 1, will mark the 120th celebration of “Labor Day” as a legal, national holiday. What is the history of the “Labor Day” holiday? It had a turbulent, complicated beginning. Understanding more about this can help us to rethink the significance of this holiday today.


Documentary to tell the story of Juneteenth

(Photo by Charles Hallman) Lee Jordan

Although Lee Jordan has been working on it for some time now, the local filmmaker’s recent meeting with a local film group virtually has confirmed that his preliminary plans for a documentary on Juneteenth have not been in vain.


2014 J4 Freedom Celebration and Soccer tournament

I was watching “My Fair Lady” last night. It has been ages since I have seen it. I was taken with the part where Eliza leaves and Henry Higgins finds her at his mother’s house. Eliza says that she felt that she has always been treated like a lady by Mr. Pickering and that subsequently she felt like Henry had not treated her like a lady. But Higgins countered that he felt it was more important to treat all people the same. I think there is some truth in that. Of course I believe we should treat all people well and with respect (Henry Higgins admitted he was grouchy with everyone).


Am I proud of America?

We could see the St. Paul fireworks clearly from our livingroom, plus two more distant fireworks. Very nice. We did not like the two rockets set off in the street next to our building by some idiot, which wizzed up and exploded just above us. Another idiot was continuously yelling, maybe in response to the fireworks, though it sounded as if he were saying, 'I am here. For God's sake notice me.' I like fireworks, though I don't go out of my way to see them.


Gratitude for America on the 4th of July

The Fourth of July used to mean a BBQ with friends, then fireworks later in the night (if I could stand the Minnesota mosquitos). Some time in the past few years, however, my husband Bryan has taken over the way we celebrate so that we can teach our kids how grateful we are to live freely as Jews in this country. It’s not that we don’t feel that gratitude during other times of the year, but the Fourth of July is the most natural time to express it.


"What does the Fourth of July mean to the Negro?" - July 7 event examines Frederick Douglass speech

A program in St. Paul Monday, July 7, will discuss Frederick Douglass' renowned 1852 speech, "What Does the Fourth of July Mean to the Negro?"


Where to see Fourth of July fireworks in the Twin Cities: Hot spots, fun facts and more

Photo by Aaron Shaffer

Updated 7/5/2014 3:35 pm

Ready or not, the Fourth of July is Friday, and so are some of the biggest fireworks shows of the summer. Minnesotans will watch fireworks burst and streak colors against the night sky, as people have since the invention of fireworks in seventh-century China. So where are the best places to see the two big shows in the Twin Cities, or fireworks displays wherever you are spending the Fourth?  Scroll down for lists, tips and resources, and check TC Weekend for happenings around town to keep the good times rolling!


With the arrival of the crescent moon, a period of deep reflection begins

Khalid Mohamed, left, and Liban Adam will be involved this month in working with raising funds for people in Somalia, who don’t have the means to buy food during Ramadan. (MinnPost photo by Ibrahim Hirsi)

When the anticipated birth of the new crescent moon of Ramadan occurred Saturday, Liban Adam and Khalid Mohamed moved forward with their plan for the holy month: To help ensure that poor Muslims have food on the table after long days of fasting.

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