A convert's Passover: Lutefisk out of water

As a convert to Judaism, there is a part of me that will always feel a bit like Lutefisk trying to be Gefilte fish. My first Passover Seder was no exception as I tried, desperately, to fit in. There are a few things that would have been good to know:


Passover-friendly restaurants around the Twin Cities

Passover starts tonight, beginning a week of wondering if you’ll be able to find anything on any menu in town that’s kosher for the holiday. Well we’ve got you covered! Here are the places that will make it easy as we remember how we were slaves in Egypt, now we’re free, and next year in Jerusalem! Because it’s really all about the food for us, right?


10 things you need to know for Lao New Year

It’s Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) this April 14-16th on the Buddhist calendar and the BeerLao is flowing, water attacks are happening, and your parents are nagging you to finally Spring clean the house. Whether you’re in the states or in Laos, here are ten basic ways to make sure your pi mai is fun-filled in ultimate Lao-style.


Welcoming Year of the Horse with Horse-Faced Keo

As we approach Year of the Horse this month, that means getting ready for new journeys. But it also means we can take time to take a look back at some of the favorite stories we’ve been passing on to each other for the last six hundred and sixty years.


Canceling Columbus Day: Minneapolis vote set

Columbus Day in Minneapolis may soon be celebrated as Indigenous Peoples Day if a coalition of advocates, city leaders and organizations can convince a majority of the 13-member Minneapolis City Council to approve the change.


The story of MayDay – 39 inevitable miracles

Is the MayDay Parade and Ceremony an unlikely miracle, or is it inevitable that something like this would emerge from this particular community? Most of the people I asked this replied with some variation of “a little bit of both!” On the one hand, it’s unique, and so powerful compared to the perceived resource and power of this poor-to-middling cluster of neighborhoods, but on the other hand, people in South Minneapolis have a hard time imagining their lives without it.


Bleu Ribbon Kitchen Easter Cooking Workshop

04/12/2014 - 9:00am - 3:00pm

Easter dinner is often the first large feast of the spring season. Celebrate an opportunity to get together with a menu that highlights the bounty of seasonal produce now available.

St. Patrick's Day: Our day, everyone's day

Good people go to Heaven, but the Celts went everywhere. There isn’t a corner of the globe where you can’t find us if you look hard enough. Nations as far flung as Canada and Australia are largely Celtic in origin, and the majority of those Celts came from Ireland.


How to be Jewish on Purim

Let’s get something out of the way immediately: I’m a convert to Judaism. I can give you a dozen Christmas cookie recipes and tips and tricks on dying Easter eggs with homemade vegetable dyes, but I have no idea how to be Jewish; that is, I have no idea how to create Jewish culture. I wonder if culture is even something one can make.


Ghanaians in Minnesota to launch Academic Foundation on Independence Day

The Ghanaian Association of Minnesota (GhanAM) is preparing to celebrate Ghana’s 57th Independence Day with a bold launch of a foundation with the express mission of awarding academic scholarships to deserving students who lack the financial wherewithal to further their education.

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