Minnesota Boychoir: Annual Winter Concert

12/20/2014 - 7:00pm

Annual Winter Concert featuring Allegro, Cantabile, Cantando, and Cantar. A freewill donation will be collected.

Review: "Winter Holidays in the Soviet Era" at The Museum of Russian Art

(Photo via Museum of Russian Art website)

I’ve always thought of December as a glittering month.  Twinkling lights appear around buildings and swirl around trees, while festive music is played and coffee drinks mixed with eggnog or pe


Interview: Jenna Zark on 'The Chanukah Guest'

TC Jewfolk sat down with playwright and TC Jewfolk writer Jenna Zark to talk about her new play The Chanukah Guest, now being performed at the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company.

TC Jewfolk: What drew you to adapting The Chanukah Guest, a children’s book into a play for the MJTC?


What's German for 'bah humbug'?

So it seems our little Holidazzle Market has some critics. Apparently, it’s not stroller or kid friendly enough. Apparently it’s outrageous to stop offering the same old free entertainment the patronage for which was insufficient to induce downtown businesses to continue supplying it. Apparently it’s just uncouth to ask visitors to contribute a small amount of money to cover the costs. Apparently the organizers are supposed to be thankful if people just browse for free.


Lefse day!

We began as a hodgepodge of lefse-loving Minnesotas with Lutheran-church-basement-ladies-envy who wanted to learn the art of potato flatbread. Through the years we've each developed an important role in the day, contributing our skills to the balling, rolling, lifting, and griddling. Those skills have progressed and we are now Masters. This is our 7th year together, and we are an awesome, dangerous, motley crew of self-taught lefse makers.


Makers & Bakers: craft fair and bake sale fundraiser

12/14/2014 - 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Join us on Sunday, December 14th from 2-7pm for this amazing event! We are curating an awesome array of community artisans and crafters, some key community information tables and tasty baked goods and beverages for an informative and exciting community fundraising and awareness event.

Nothing says community like a $6 entry fee

I enjoy a good Christmas Market. It’s fun to wander through the booths looking at crafts and talking to other shoppers and shopkeepers (who are usually the craftsfolk responsible for the creations we’re oogling). The wooden toys that are often in abundance are my favorite, topped only by the abundance of treats from homemade stroopwafels to gelato and the ever present Gløgg, Glüwein, or Weihnachtspunsch.


OPINION | I was a mall Santa

An alcoholic, otherwise-unemployed Santa in the movie Miracle on 34th Street or Art Carney as Henry Corwin in Twilight Zone’s “Night of the Meek.” That’s what came to my mind when a mall-manager friend of mine offered me the Santa job in the early 1990s. His Santa had been showing up drunk or not at all. I was unemployed and living in Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin, with a nonexistent job market; I took Robert up on his offer.


Would Jesus play the tuba?

If Jesus marched in the band, would he be cool with the tubas? Would he get so wild and excited the oompahs coming out of that deep brass section that he'd agree to direct an entire ensemble of tubas knocking out enormous noise and joyful Christmas music in a chapel? Why, yes. Yes, I believe Jesus would.


ISAIAH asks Sears for better treatment of employees

(Still from video below)

On Saturday, a group organized by ISAIAH gathered in the parking lot of the Sears store in St. Paul on Rice Street, west of the State Capitol complex to seek better working conditions for Sears workers, especially at this holiday season.

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