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Three years after protesting the Archdiocese cost her the Basilica artist residency, Lucinda Naylor keeps creating

In Sept. 2010, Lucinda Naylor lost her position as artist-in-residence at the Basilica of St. Mary in downtown Minneapolis after she spoke out about Archbishop John Nienstedt’s plan to distribute 400,000 DVDs that argued against marriage equality for same-sex couples.


Anti-Marriage vote: A year later

It’s a year today since we voted on the anti-marriage amendment. This time last year we were at a stopping point in a long, difficult, involuntary journey. It was a nervous 18 months, leading up to a horribly scary day.


OPINION | What does marriage equality mean for the Hmong American community?

Minnesota finally passes marriage equality (otherwise known as legalizing same-sex marriage)! After a grueling campaign to stop the government from defining marriage as strictly between one man and one woman during last year’s election, supporters of marriage equality finally saw the governor sign the bill into law on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. That makes Minnesota the 12th state in the country to pass marriage equality. What does this mean for the Hmong American community? Hmong Americans who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) will now be able to marry their partners. This will set a new precedent for us to rethink about our community and what is in store for us for the future. How will marriage change for us as Hmong Americans? Hmong LGBTQ may not be able to marry the “Hmong way,” but they are certainly going to do so the “American way.” Even then, we will all have to start rethinking how we see “family” and “community” in Hmong American society.


Political action committees continue same-sex marriage fight, groups on both sides working to re-elect or unseat legislators

Minnesota State Representative Karen Clark (DFL), sponsor of the marriage equality bill, speaks at Coffman Union on Wednesday. (Photo by Juliet Farmer)

Newly formed political action committees and campaigns are gearing up to help re-elect — or unseat — state representatives who voted to legalize same-sex marriage in May.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Update: The Uptake’s marriage equality film

As of this posting, The Uptake is short by more than $7,700 of its Kickstarter fundraiser deadline goal of $21,211 for its documentary project on the struggle for marriage equality in Minnesota; th


Don't postpone joy: Edie and Thea

Siman Tov u’Mazel Tov. A good sign. Good luck.


Native culture and history underlie celebration of same-sex marriage law

Members of the Minneapolis Two Spirit Society are celebrating along with other LGBT (Lesbian/ Gay/Bisexual/Transgender) Minnesotans and preparing for the state’s Freedom To Marry law which takes effect August 1st.


New laws in effect August 1: Same-sex marriage, added bike lane provisions, and new tenant protections

Same-sex couples will be able to legally wed, a growing number of bicyclers will have added protections in traffic, and intoxicated teens who seek emergency medical assistance for themselves or another person won’t face a ticket under new state laws that go into effect Aug. 1.


With Defense of Marriage Act down, tax lifted for University of Minnesota employees with domestic partner

Steff Yorek visits her partner Jess Sundin during one of her treatments at the Phillips Wangensteen Building on East Bank, Tuesday morning. Formally married in Washington, their marriage will be legally recognized in Minnesota on August 1st. (Photo by Bridget Bennett)

For years, Steff Yorek has had to pay extra taxes for her partner, Jess Sundin, to be covered by the University of Minnesota’s employee health care plan.


12-year-old wedding dresses will still fit — LEGALLY, this time

Twelve years later, the wedding dresses that Cathy ten Broeke and Margaret Miles wore for their “commitment ceremony” still fit. In the wee hours of Aug. 1, the couple plan to wear them again. But this time, their marriage will be sanctioned in law.

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