MN House Coal Caucus votes to keep bill about air pollution away from environment committee

Photo: Coal piled up at the Sherco coal-fired power plant near Becker. Via Pioneer Press

It's the sort of post-moronic (and moneyed) politics Bluestem has come to expect from Speaker Daudt's majority, foreshadowed by the leader's removal of "Energy" from the Environmental and Natural R


Support the Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership on December 10th

Update: The Minneapolis City Council voted 13-0 on December 10th to restore the full $150,000 for the Clean Energy Partnership into the final 2015 budget. 



Churches pick up on sustainability movement

(Photos by Matt Grimley) Dan Doerrer, pastor of Nativity Church, and Rev. Susan Mullin, director of faith formation for Faith United Methodist Church, after a first meeting to decide how the two churches can address sustainability within their churches and the larger St. Anthony community.

On the first day, there was a meeting.

It was a Citizens for Sustainability meeting in October. Dan Doerrer, associate pastor of Nativity Church, was invited to attend by members of the group. There he connected with Rev. Susan Mullin, director of faith formation for Faith United Methodist Church.


OPINION | Catholic Worker House confronts local frac sand mining

One day I sat down to write in my journal. I typed the date and then the year— 2914. I looked at the year a couple of times and thought, “That doesn’t look right.” Finally I grasped that it was 900 years from now. Nine hundred years!!! Not just the future, but THE FUTURE. Holy cow! I felt the wonder I always feel when I contemplate primordial, ancient or medieval times—The passing of time. I started wondering about my great-great-great-great, etc. grandchildren. Who would they be? How would people live? Would people pair up into couples or would they form intimate pods of threes and fours? Would there still be races? Would Minneapolis still be here? How much of North America would be under water? Would there have been a nuclear holocaust? It was a strange, mystical experience.


Affordable solar will soon allow Twin Cities residents to save money with clean power

The cost of solar panels has dropped 99% since 1977 (from $76.67/kW to $0.74/kW in 2013). In Minnesota, the long-term electricity cost from solar has decreased below the rising cost of utility bills. Now, local residents are making solar accessible for everyone through a member-owned cooperative, Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF).


Community Workshop: Home Weatherization 101

Corcoran neighbor Jim Walsh presents on the basics of thermo dynamics during the October event of Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, co-hosted last month with Our Power MN at Corcoran Park. Timothy DenHerder –Thomas and Marlena Needham gave out free weatherization materials such as caulk, window plastic, outlet sealers and more.


Saving money and energy

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops it’s time to start thinking of ways to get your home set for a more comfortable winter before the first snow falls in Corcoran. Luckily we’ve got a few tips to help you weatherize your home!


MN Jobs Coalition received $355,000 from the RSLC; where'd that money trickle down from?

In a report about Minnesota Jobs Coalition chair Ben Golnik's new job as executive director of the Minnesota House Republican caucus, Minnesota Public Radio's Catherine Richert reported in Monday's article, Golnik to direct House Republican Caucus:

Golnik is leaving his post as chairman of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition, an independent political group that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars ushering in the Republican majority to the Minnesota House. Republicans won in nearly every district the group invested in. . . .


Advocates: Minnesota needs more alternative fuel

As Minnesota lawmakers push for the use of alternative fuel, some say progress should be quicker.


OPINION | Green energy can end African famine

(Photo by Activ Solar published under Creative Commons License)

While Ebola occupies the world’s attention, a humanitarian crisis is quickly unfolding in Somalia. In August, the Somali federal government declared famine in several regions.

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