'Truth-in-advertising' for bee-friendly plants

The collapse of honey bee populations isn’t just affecting the natural world, it’s also altering the consumer landscape. Shoppers at nurseries have become increasingly interested in plants that haven’t been treated with insecticides viewed as harmful to bees and other pollinators, Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL-South St. Paul) on Wednesday told the House Agriculture Policy Committee.


WaterFest 2014

05/31/2014 - 11:00am - 4:00pm

"Water Is Life" is the theme of this year's WaterFest—a celebration of our clean lakes and an opportunity for outdoor hands-on learning about clean water, wildlife, and land and water conserv

Lynn Totino

Minnesota House Agricultural Policy Committee to hear bipartisan bill on safe-for-pollinators plants

Bluestem Prairie's neighbors here in Maynard are deeply concerned about our disappearing pollinators; it's the one subject people talk most about, perhaps because the tiny town is a farming community--or because everybody agrees that we need to rescue our bees and butterfly populations.


Dogs make our neighborhoods better

The most valuable trait that a neighborhood can have is people. This statement may sound obvious, but to paraphrase Jane Jacobs; people are drawn to other people. Our culture, unfortunately, has mostly forgotten or shunned this universal truth. This is the reason that Washington Avenue will still carry 6 lanes of traffic after an $8 million makeover. This is why even just three good urban blocks will become a regional destination (Uptown, Northeast, Grand Avenue, Linden Hills, Nicollet Mall, 50th and France, Cathedral Hill, Dinkytown). We struggle as a culture to build, cultivate, and disseminate vibrant environments. Much of this shortcoming is due to the fact that America has a very short collective memory. Luckily, dogs have even shorter memories.


Creatures of comfort: Animal therapy bonds lead to life changing rewards

Glancing at Lily, an adorably fuzzy seven-year-old Shih Tzu with enormous chocolate eyes, one would never guess that only three years ago, she had been lying in a cage in Canada—unwanted and unloved.


Dogs and cats reign as protection bill moves forward

The so-called pet breeder bill at the state Capitol is well into middle age in terms of dog years. Lawmakers for the last seven years have disagreed over proposals that seek to stop inhumane dog and cat breeding practices.


Activists demand end to Minnesota wolf hunt

Hundreds of opponents of Minnesota’s wolf hunting season gathered at the State Capitol Thursday (Feb. 27) to lobby — and howl! — for a makeover in the state’s recent approach to management of the totemic animal that, for many, symbolizes wilderness in the state’s North Country. The day-long “Wolf Day” was organized by Howling For Wolves, a citizens’ group that supports passage of a law that would place a new moratorium on wolf hunting in Minnesota.


Animal shelter bill divides activists

Animal shelters could become subject to a stricter set of requirements before they euthanize animals.


Bulldogs to boa constrictors: Pet Expo features fur and fun

Hundreds of pets, and even more people, braved the snow and ice to attend this year's Pet Expo on February 22 and 23 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

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