SUPPERTIME | Fika’s secret culinary weapon

Suppertime is a blog in comics form, exploring local restaurants, bars and other food establishments in and around the Twin Cities. I eat, I talk, I draw. This last week we went to Fika, a swell lunch spot in general but a they have a certain course that could steal your heart away. Continue Reading


“Warm Bodies” warrants a new take on zombies

In zombie movies the dead come back to life. It’s a rule of the zombie genre. In order to have flesh eaters roaming the streets, the dead need to rise from their graves with an appetite for human flesh. But what if the dead, after rising with a need to feed, could experience a second awakening? What if they could reclaim their human side once again? This question is presented as the focal point of Warm Bodies, a film that looks into the issue of undead redemption, and has a lot of fun with it, too. Continue Reading


“Gangster Squad”: Worth the wait for a history buff

Los Angeles has a highly documented history of gang violence and organized crime.  After World War Two there was a well-known criminal that was “wrapping the West Coast up in a pretty little bow,” to quote Sean Penn’s dangerous character, Mickey Cohen. Mickey Cohen had the reigns of Los Angeles and was directing it towards a path of violence, danger, murder, and a whole lot of money in the pockets of the wrong people.  Continue Reading