COMMUNITY VOICES | Idle No More- Occupy MN- AIM Protest at Canadian Consulate in Minneapolis. The Untold Story- Till Now

First Nation protestors attacked by Mountied Police in Canada. Armed mercenaries at sacred Native American site in nothern Wisconsin. Idle No More rally and protest in Minneapolis at Canadian Consulate in response. If you have no idea about this you are easily forgiven. You see there is a virtual corporate media blockade on these stories and others like it. Continue Reading


This could be a story about unbridled greed. Or about making money without regard to consequences.  Perhaps, it is a tale that simply exemplifies responsible real estate investing as defined by Chris Gleize of Northern Value Group. Chris figures large as a protagonist in this drama.  But I will let you, the reader,  draw your own conclusions.  A good percentage of the information provided in this story comes from public  court documents. Other information was provided by Mr. Gleize’s attorney and the homeowner who is now subject to immediate eviction.   Nafeesah a strong, middle aged woman who has lived in single family four bedroom house since 1991 is the other major player in this unfolding narrative.  Just down the block from from Lake Street, it has stood in its present location since 1904! Continue Reading

Sheriff’s sale victory for “Occupy” homeowner in US Bank foreclosure battle

John and Lucinda Vinje risked losing their Bloomington, Minn., home to a sheriff’s sale this week after it went through foreclosure. But the Occupy Homes movement, which has come to their defense, staged a spirited rally Monday morning at the Hennepin County Government Center and at Minneapolis City Hall to defend the Vinje home. Occupy activists made it clear to any potential buyers that if you acquire the home, the demonstrators come with it.“We’re gonna let any potential buyer know that when they buy John Vinje’s house, they’re not just buying a house, they’re buying a serious problem for themselves,” said Occupy Homes activist Ty Moore. “They’re buying a homeowner who says he’s not leaving, and they’re buying a social movement that says we’re going to defend John and homeowners like him.”Ultimately, no buyers showed up — giving John Vinje a likely six-week window of opportunity to negotiate with U.S. Bank. The Air Force veteran, security guard and union activist with SEIU declared victory with a defiant speech in the basement of City Hall.“So, we’ve been putting pressure on U.S. Bank for five and a half months,” he told Occupy activists. Continue Reading

Formerly homeless Coon Rapids man takes Occupy pledge to fight eviction

“I haven’t been homeless in over 14 years, and now we’re looking at being homeless again,” said Frank Clark, a union laborer who, together with his wife Christina, face eviction from their Coon Rapids home.Clark lived on the streets of Los Angeles for nine years before sobering up, returning to Minnesota in the late 1990s and joined Local 563. He has worked on Minneapolis skyscrapers, bridges, roads and waste treatment plants, and poured concrete for the new 35-W bridge. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to me — that brotherhood. From coming off the streets and having nothing, to working day labor to getting a good union job, it’s been a blessing.”Christina said the Clarks paid their mortgage on time, but when the market crashed and construction jobs dried up, their money dwindled. The house, which they originally purchased for $230,000, was reacquired in a fire sale by Bank of America for $139,000. Continue Reading