Loring Park Winter Fest builds community outdoors in December

On December 11, resident and friends of Loring Park gathered for the Loring Park Winter Fest. The event, put on by Citizens for a Loring Park Community, Friends of Loring Park, the Loring Park staff, and many others, featured horse drawn carriage rides, a bonfire, balloon art, a community dance hall by Kairos Alive! and a sing-a-long led by Dan Chouinard. Here’s a look at this year’s event. Continue Reading

Photos by Ben Heath

MXDWELL hosts first Loving Day festival in Loring Park

What could be more important than being free to love whom you choose?Sunday, June 15 marked the first Loving Day event in Loring Park, hosted by MXDWELL, an online news source that explores positive cultural and multiracial intersections. Creator and editor Mackenzie Claire saw a natural connection between MXDWELL and celebrating the anniversary of Loving v. Virginia–a court case in 1967 in which the Supreme Court struck down laws banning interracial marriage.“We cover various fusions within arts and culture–that’s kind of how we celebrate the mixed experience. Different fusions just bring diversity. It all kind of ties in with Loving Day. I thought it would be a great idea to have that here in the Twin Cities,” said Claire.The night before the event, Claire was particularly looking forward to performances by Bomba Umoya and Tall Paul. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | Love Loring shows off the Loring Park Community

Love Loring, an annual fundraiser organized by the Citizens for a Loring Park Community, featured music, food, a silent auction, and an opportunity for community members to get together and talk about neighborhood issues. The event, held on April 10th at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, was also dedicated to long-time neighborhood volunteer Gary Gliem, who passed away late last year.Here’s a look at the event [above]. Continue Reading