After devastating losses of elm trees—and in anticipation of future losses of ash trees—Minneapolis Park Board staff has begun planting mixed groupings on city boulevards, including Kentucky coffee, maples, honey locust, and disease resistant elms. (Photo by Gail Olson)

Invasive bugs and beetles ravenous and ready as spring arrives

The emerald ash borer has arrived in Northeast, Dutch elm disease never left, and the next fearsome pest on the horizon just might be the Asian longhorn beetle, big as the first joint on a human thumb, with antennae that measures two inches across. That beetle, by the way, isn’t so fussy about its diet and shows a fondness for many different types of trees.

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House, Senate pass omnibus environment, agriculture bill

Several controversial fee increases were removed during the conference committee process, but the omnibus environment, natural resources and agriculture finance and policy bill still received several hours of criticism on the House floor Saturday evening before being passed by a 71-60 vote. Passed 42-23 by the Senate about 90 minutes later, the bill now goes to the governor.

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