More Head Start funding and turnaround flexibility in new federal spending bill

There are some hopeful signs for education policy coming out of the new federal spending bill, and not just for the programs that got big wins. In addition to restoring most of the federal money cut during the sequester, the bill also includes some tweaks to school turnaround that suggest a rewrite of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) might actually be possible at some point. Continue Reading

Federal budget deal averts shutdown, but without some important measures

Last week, the chairs of the budget committees in the U.S. House and Senate announced a budget deal that provides for additional discretionary funding in federal fiscal years 2014 and 2015, which is offset with lower spending and higher fees over the decade. The House passed the deal last week with a bipartisan vote, and the Senate passed it this week. Continue Reading

Shutdown ends, debt crisis averted – now what?

The federal government shutdown has ended and the debt ceiling crisis averted, but serious concerns remain about whether Congress will take a path that supports economic growth and boosts Americans’ living standards, or instead will focus too much on deficit reduction and in the process, increase hardship and slow down the economic recovery. Continue Reading