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Chowgirls Killer Catering: When artsy people cook

I’ve noticed that people in the food business like to talk about food. The thing is, they also like to talk about music, and painting, and design, and film, and literature. You scratch a chef, you find an artist. So if these people are artists in some other medium, why do they end up in the kitchen?

I have one theory. Let’s say you’re making a film, and you spend five years and many thousands of dollars to make it, and then it’s ready to “serve.” You tell people it’s done, and they say, “Oh, finally. Can I watch it on YouTube or something?” (This is just a random example. I’m not bitter, really.) See, no one says that to a chef. In the food business, you create your work, you tell people how much it costs, they pay you that amount, and everybody’s happy. Continue Reading