2013 Minnesota Cheese Festival draws 40 cheese makers, 2,000 cheese eaters, two sheep, one calf, and a goat

If you love cheese—and who doesn’t?—the place to be on September 14 and 15 was the International Bazaar at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. A $15 ticket could get you access to the Minnesota Cheese Festival, with more than 40 vendors ready to give out samples and talk cheese. The vendors were all from the Upper Midwest, most from Minnesota. If you missed it, don’t despair: another Minnesota Cheese Festival is planned for sometime in the spring.The brains behind the Minnesota Cheese Festival, now in its second year, is Whitney McChane, a professional marketing and event coordinator.“My husband and I really love cheese,” she said. “We went to a cheese festival in Wisconsin for our anniversary and I thought, ‘We have these incredible Minnesota cheeses. Continue Reading

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Ken Liss, Lake Wine & Spirits’ resident cheese whiz

Remember the Premier Cheese Shop on France Avenue, Ken Liss’s tidy little enterprise that won a City Pages “best cheese selection” designation back in 2007? No? You didn’t go there, did you? Would you like to know why it went out of business? Because you didn’t go there. Oh, sure, why go to an out-of-the-way cheese shop when you can outfit your whole snack party at Cub? I’ll tell you why. Because the prices are basically the same, and they give you lots of nice samples, and they talk to you in a friendly, informative way, and it makes you feel like you live somewhere and are somebody. Continue Reading