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Updated: 7/2/2013

An assignment is a commitment from you to write a story and a commitment from us to spend time editing that story and helping you with rewrite to make the story ready to publish. We take those commitments seriously. Some stories require background knowledge or specific writing skills. We want all of our writers to succeed, and we won't make an assignment that looks like a set-up for problems.

Check out our "Quick hits" Google doc for list of stories. If you're new to the Daily Planet, expect to write some small stories first, so we can get to know you. Feel free to pitch a story that's not on our list — just email editor [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net

Always email and wait for an assignment before starting to report a story. The story you want may have been assigned already, but not yet removed from the list.

Some additional story ideas:

• 2013 elections — Yes, we just finished reporting on elections, but it's time for more. In Minneapolis, the mayoral race is heating up and city council contests are also getting underway. Take a look at our Minneapolis election coverage, and let us know what you'd like to cover. And don't forget St. Paul — there's a contested school board race, and Melvin Carter III has resigned from the City Council, so that seat is also up for election in November.

 Health care and the Affordable Care Act — We are publishing a series of stories, focusing on individual families, detailing their current health care coverage and issues and how they will be affected by the implementation of ACA. If you want to participate in this reporting, please email editor [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net with a pitch for a story. 


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