E-DEMOCRACY | Capitalism = Feudalism?

From: David Tilsen Date: 2:25pm, Aug 25

I see it a little different. Capitalism is much closer to feudalism from which it came then we are led to believe. We are the surfs, the peasants, and occasionally the merchants. We exist to feed the desires of the men in the castle. These people like their lives of pleasure with their sports teams, their private boxes, their private jets, their multiple homes around the world, their yachts etc. We come into their lives only when they want something from us, sex, a stadium, votes, labor, a war to protect their interests etc.


Minneapolis city council candidate Alondra Cano on education disparities, the Phillips neighborhood, and the Vikings stadium

The Minneapolis City Council may see some significant changes in the coming election, as incumbents have been challenged strongly by newcomers. In the city’s 9th ward, neighborhood activist and Minneapolis Public Schools communications staffer Alondra Cano is running against five other candidates. She recently sat down with KFAI’s Janis Lane-Ewart, who asked about the most important issues facing the city. Cano put educational disparities at the top of her list. [Audio below]


OPINION | Russia's antigay laws and the Olympics

The Olympic movement professes to be above politics; but politics has dogged the Olympic Games since 1936. Berlin won the bid for the summer Olympics; and then the Nazi regime came to power, in 1933.


OPINION | Viking stadium construction puts parking over people

More than a year has passed since the Minnesota State Legislature passed a plan to build the Minnesota Vikings a new football stadium. At that time HIRE Minnesota said in these pages, "If all the right steps are taken, hundreds of people of color will obtain jobs."


"OPINION | Maybe "We Get To Vote” after all: News on the Vikings stadium deal

Where will you be at 8 o’clock a.m. the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 20? I’ll tell you where you want to be: You want to be at the Government Center in downtown Minneapolis, witnessing a little slice of history.


NiceRide 170, too challenging

Ed Kohler of The Deets started a tradition several years ago by using Nice Ride bikes to hit every single kiosk in a single day. I wish I would have joined him for the first year, when there were only sixty-five stations that could be traversed in about three hours. In 2013, there are 170 stations spread out over 110 miles of biking--all of which, under the rules of the challenge, must be traveled using the 50-pound Nice Rides. Furthermore, a lot of the new stations are tucked away in obscure places that probably no one goes to. Like behind random buildings, or in St. Paul.


Mayoral Candidate Doug Mann on the Vikings stadium, social justice, and housing in Minneapolis

Minneapolis licensed practical nurse Doug Mann has been a perennial candidate in local races, running for school board eight times since 1999 and for City Council in 2005.This year he's one of a slate of more than 10 candidates vying to be the city's next mayor. Earlier this month he filed a court order to force the city to hold a referendum on the Vikings stadium. Doug Mann spoke with KFAI's Trisha Collopy about the price of opposing the Vikings stadium and his plans to bring housing equity to the city. [Audio below]


How to improve the urbanism of the new Vikings stadium

The Stadium Implementation Committee meets July 18 and several more times in to September to advise on key design decisions related to the new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis. This post is primarily concerned about the relationship of the stadium to its surrounding urban environment. In late May Oslund & Associates presented the landscape plan for the stadium, and the following are my questions, concerns and recommendations about this plan. I hope the Stadium Implementation Committee considers the following.

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