Need for stadium funding is not about football

If pull tab revenue does not increase, it may be deemed necessary to reassess the current structure of public funding for the new Vikings stadium. Should that come to pass, stadium funding proponents like myself will have to once again make the case for the stadium as advancing the public good. If we are going to do so successfully, we need to do one thing. Do not mention football.


Memorabilia tax proposed to fill stadium funding gap

Legislators swallowed hard as they considered a bill Wednesday that, as Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R- Mazeppa) said, is “intended to help pay for a mistake that we made.”


COMMUNITY VOICES | Open Saint Paul: In addition to baseball games, what types of events would you like to see at the Lowertown Ballpark?

The Lowertown Ballpark will be for more than just baseball. In fact, the ballpark may host more than 100 community events throughout the year. These events would bring thousands of visitors to downtown Saint Paul, creating new energy in the Lowertown neighborhood. Please let us know what type of community events you would like to see at the Lowertown Ballpark.


Twins' diversity talk seems mostly for show

A new movie on the life of Jackie Robinson premieres Friday. It has support from people in high places.


Youth sports build more than just muscle — Laverne Turner helps students achieve academic success, learn leadership skills

Top row, (l-r) Coach Tally Washington, Mohamad Yusuf (17), Dorian Butler (18), Davarius Wright (19), Marcus Wilson (16). Bottom row (l-r) Edrise Johnson (17), Antonio Pettis (19), Darrell Moore (19), Mercell Johnson (18), and Coach Laverne Turner. (Photo by Jamal Denman)

As a youth, local community leader Laverne Turner was heavily involved in organized team sports, and he remembers how positive an impact it had on him growing up. As an adult in 2003, he says he noticed there were no athletic programs for youth in his community, which motivated Turner to develop a sports program for young people in his South Minneapolis Phillips neighborhood — the East Phillips Park Sports Association (EPPSA).


Baseball and farming: This is the year

It's not an ideal day for baseball, but that won't stop the Minnesota Twins from opening their 2013 season today at Target Field, which also means the planting season is fast approaching for Minnesota farmers. An uncertain weather forecasts also looms over the farming season's open, with prospects for both spring flooding and summer drought.


Minnesota Vikings and pulltab revenues: Should we be shocked?

Are we to be shocked and surprised that the estimates for the pulltab revenues for the Vikings stadium were essentially made up by gambling interests and not verified by the governor and legislature? Perhaps we should be no more so than was Captain Renault in the movie Casblanca when he declared that: “I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” The story of the Vikings pulltab debacle unfortunately is a common occurrence, the result of pressure politics, money and politics, and the often lack of capacity or will of public officials to analyze and digest complex information.


2013 election issues: Housing preservation, development, and the Vikings stadium

In past elections, this blog has been used as a platform to endorse specific candidates. This year, or at the very least this early on in the campaign season, I'm trying a different approach. Because ranked-choice voting and a lack of an incumbent running for either mayor or the fifth ward, a large number of candidates are expected to stay in the running for those seats for much of the election. Instead of openly endorsing anyone here, I plan to lay out issues that are important to me and hopefully pertinent to north Minneapolis as well. In that way, more candidates will craft their strategies around these issues.


Fueling up at the City of Lakes Youth Hockey spaghetti dinner

Andrew and Lauren Daher enjoyed their spaghetti at a benefit dinner for City of Lakes Youth Hockey. About 93 boys and girls skate for the Titans, and parents volunteer for coaching, board member, and fundraiser duties. (Photo by Margo Ashmore)

Their website feels as raw and gutsy as the sport of hockey itself; in person their enthusiasm carries through, from the pre-schooler pushing the dessert cart at the fundraiser, to the parent slinging the spaghetti. It’s City of Lakes Youth Hockey pushing the puck toward the goal since 2009 when Edison Youth Hockey Association disbanded.

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